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    Video Copy & Convert Opens Itunes Application

    Hi Gary Unplug any itunes device connected to your computer and itunes should not open when you start video copy and convert. Cheers Barnfly47 "Computers!!! The gods are driving me crazy."
  2. Hi Ivan The lastest version of Itunes is the version of Itunes I am running. Cheers Barnfly47 "Computers!!!! The gods are driving me crazy....lol"
  3. Hi I just spent 3 hours installing and uninstalling Roxio and Itunes because Itunes would open when I tried to open Roxio Copy and Convert. I finally found the solution. If you have any Itune devices attached to your computer unplug them and Roxio Copy and Convert should work properly. Hope this helps anyone with this issue. It did for me. Cheers