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    Toast 11 Will Not Intall

    I had Toast 11 on my hard drive and parts were accidentally deleted. I deleted what I thought was the rest and wenmt to reinstall it. The DMG files decruypt nicely, but when I go to actually install the toast 11 it quits. All the time. I cannot install it. Are there some files I am missing during my first cleanup that are preventing Toast 11 from fully installing?
  2. macrisci

    Boombox Update

    Hi, I recently got a reply from Michael Zapp from iSpeak. he said that he got an updated version to Roxio. So where would it be, Roxio?? Michael
  3. macrisci

    BoomBox Upgrading?

    Hello, I've been seeing programs from the BoomBox suite being advertised as upgrades separately on Versiontracker and MacUpdate. However, when I go into one of BoomBox's programs (Audio Hijack, for example) and check for updates, it says that my program is up to date. How can that be when I've seen future revisions online? Does that mean I need to re-purchase Audio Hijack again (for example)?
  4. Hello, I'm VERY new to Spin Doctor, and when I made a recording from cassette tape to my Mac, the recording started about 7 seconds too late, so I have a LOT of "dead" time at the beginning. How do I get rid of it? MCrisci