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    Old VideoWave Projects

    Oh, a picture is worth a thousand words. I do not have the video wave files when I click on "add photo/video", but if I go to file/open production, then I only have the dmsm files which can now be worked on. Problem solved. Thank you so much. Lastly, What are the .iso files I see? I think they are completed projects, maybe when I click that 'save' box when burning.
  2. ItCanBeDone

    Old VideoWave Projects

    Tried another thing. Went to my HP files, found a .dmsm. When I tried to open it, I get a box that says Windows wants to know which file, so I chose that I would pick it, and the box that popped up does not have Roxio. How do I add Roxio to that?
  3. ItCanBeDone

    Old VideoWave Projects

    Thanks for opening the new link. When I search for a Video Wave dmsm file, it does not show up in the video wave "Insert Video/Photo" page. I have looked in the "file type" and have it on all media. But I do not see dmsm on that. I cannot see what is past 'dvr-n' however. I only get .dat. I have a HP so I looked on my organizer and find a dmsm. Then I go to that exact location in the Video Wave Insert screen and find everything else (the jpegs and file folders), but cannot get the .dmsm to show up on the Insert screen. Since it doesn't show up, I cannot continue to work on the project. I don't know what the .dat is, but it doesn't work. While waiting for my Roxio upgrade, I tried Microsoft media maker and when trying to open some of my files, they were in two formats. .dat and another form (sorry, I forgot which). And MMM could not open either of them. I don't understand what they are, any why, under one title where I believe I had saved a Roxio, there is a split like this under one save. Is it sound and picture? Am I making any sense here?
  4. ItCanBeDone

    Old VideoWave Projects

    Thanks. I am now trying out 2012. In Video Wave, the videos I was working on in 2010 are showing empty when trying to open them in 2012. Do I have to rebuild them again? Looks like all my old videos that were saved on video wave 2010 and 2009 do not show up here. I just click save on video wave, until I am finished with editing ... then I save as an mpeg. I can't find those either. Maybe I can only play those mpeg's files. You can tell, I am not too techy.
  5. ItCanBeDone

    Should I Uninstall 2010 Pro

    Ok, so I just installed 2012 and 2010 is still there. I had previously deleted 2009 but did it after installing 2010. Think I would have learned to delete first, but now both are there. Do I just go to add/remove and remove 2010?
  6. ItCanBeDone

    Creator 2009 in Windows 7

    Thank you all for your comments. After having a computer crash -- I'm not ready to go through that again. The problem with the driver is ongoing. I give up -- and just ordered new 2010. But I did find a discount of 10% online to go on top of the already $30 instant discount when ordering through my 2009 program. So that helps a bit. Google roxio coupons and be sure to check for the expiration dates.