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    EMC Updates-How to Find?

    I have intermittently checked that webpage for updates, but as an owner of EMC8, I've grown accustomed of only finding the same KB000039GN that states EMC8 is not supported and consider upgrading. The alternative is to hunt the forum for 'fixes'. It's frustrating that even if you choose not to install BackupMyPC, it's still there. Is this still an issue with Creator 2009/2010?? Talk about planned obsolescence! EMC8 meets my needs for now. There's plenty of software to choose from--some retailers have excellent ONLINE-USER FRIENDLY support. Take a look at Western Digital's online knowledge base for an example. There's also a plethora of free, excellent open source/GNU available. Maybe EMC8 was the last DVD/CD software bundle purchase. Thanks for the warm fuzzies
  2. Why does Roxio 'hide' the updates that are available???? I'm still using EMC8, had an error burning a data disc. I searched the forums and finally STUMBLED upon a post that had a link to KB000070GN for a PX Engine Update, revised 08-18-2009 that fixed the problem. I know I'm using a legacy product, but why does Roxio make finding updates so D*** difficult; especially a PX Engine update that affects most of the modules within EMC?? Also, the knowledge base should be structured like most knowledge bases; start with a product, then have the ability to search with a phrase or see ALL KB's for that product. I purchased EMC9, but uninstalled it because there were too many issues and I was not needing the additional features of 2009. Before I purchase my next CD/DVD software suite, I definitely will survey the competition to judge how 'user friendly' for the online support. I'm already doing this when shopping in general--if the product's online support is superior to another's, it sometimes has made a difference when making the purchase. JMO