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  1. Hi Jim,

    Sorry no offence with regard to my previous post, I did get back to you originally but I guess it got lost somewhere. Anyway, I think I may have solved the mystery. With regard to the Overprint option. I assumed that if you entered a - value ie -0.20 this would reduce the size by 0.20 in fact I have found by adding a value of 0.20 (no minus) this in fact reduces the printout by that value. After many trials I have managed to get a reasonably suitable size by inserting a value of V0.30 H0.40 so I hope this will work and maybe help some other poor frustrated user. Thanks for your help as usual, by the way can you suggest a way of emailing a video file. I am on Hotmail and its says the file is too large. Is there a file type to save the video in that will reduce the size but maintain quality. Your thought would be appreciated.



  2. I have tried to get an answer to this problem before but information dried up before I solved the problem. I am trying to use my Creator 2009 to print cd booklet and back covers. When the print out is completed the overall size is too big by about 3mm in each direction. I have tried to ajust the overprint control but this does not seem to make a huge difference. I want to be able to print the border so that I may trim the size neatly so I need the black outline. Can anyone help

  3. Since there is nothing actually called a “jewel case” in the Layouts, what are you choosing?


    post-39730-055601600 1292348801.jpg


    You can also set negative values in Overbleed -0.01, -0.1, etc.

    Sorry got called away for dinner. I am useing Booklet and Back the problem is better but the printout is still slightly too big. Should I also set the "fine tune" ajustment to "0" aas well

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  4. I don’t think Eyeball is going to answer you, since he hasn’t been here in 3 months…


    It would be better if you started a new Topic of your own and describe your problem in detail.


    Then some of us will attempt to duplicate it and find a solution.


    Hi Jim,

    You are something else, thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. I think I may have solved the problem after hours of tearing my hair out. Souldn't do that really has I dont have much left. I have tried changing "overprint/bleeding" option and set the overprint to "0" This seems to have reduced the overall printout size and at least it fits the jewel case without shoehorning the paper into the case. I am using High Gloss paper so I may need to reduce it even more when I print the final project. Thanks for your time.

    Kindest Regards,


  5. When I've tried printing a front or back jewel case CD cover with Label Creator, the cover prints too large to fit in the jewel case. I'm using an HP Pavilion Elite computer with a Windows 7 64-bit Professional OS and an HP Photosmart C5180 printer. The printer worked perfectly with my old Windows ME computer running Adaptec Version 4x. I installed the latest driver and the printer works fine with the new computer for general printing and with Easy CD/DVD Cover Creator. With the Roxio application, I've tried adjusting paper size under properties in the print window and also selected different settings under paper type. I've also made adjustments under preferences for overscan and fine tuning. So far, none of these efforts have allowed me to print a cover that will fit. What adjustment will allow for changes in the vertical and the horizontal dimensions of the printing "box?" I thought the overscan setting might do it, but it only shifts the image on the page.


    I am having the same problem with my Canon MP270. I dont think its the printer that is the problem, however i am going to try my Epson to see if that makes any difference. I think that it is a problem with the software andif yoy get any replies please let me know

  6. I am trying to print out a standard jewel case booklet but my finished printout is too big to fit into a case.

    My standard printout for the jewel case back needs to be 117mm high x 138mm to the fold line but my print out is coming up at 121mm high and 141mm to the fold line. how can I resize the template to suit and standard case.

  7. Choose Booklet

    Dear Gary,

    Greetings from the Scottish Borders. Thanks for your help on this. Your information solved my problem. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. I can now get on with some work that has been delayed over Christmas.

    Kindest Regards,

    Pete from Hayhope House


  8. It is controlled by selecting the correct Project.




    Then when you print, select Commercial Paper and pick the right one.




    See if that helps.

    Dear Jim,

    Thanks for youe prompt reply. sorry it has taken so long to reply. What I want to do is print out a folded jewel case insert for cds. IE so you get front cover and inside page as can be created in Easy Cd Creator 5. My old program prints out this option fine but the new download of Creator 2009 still will not give me this option and even the Slim Case project option is printing out the wrong size.

    Hope you can help,

    Happy New Year