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    Dvd Won't Play On Sony Slp D500p Vcr

    I tried this, and it fixed the error. It seems that the files that Pinnacle produced and put in the VIDEO_TS folder were sufficient to make the DVD, and the other folders were confusing the Sony. Terry
  2. tquinn

    Dvd Won't Play On Sony Slp D500p Vcr

    Walt, Perhaps this is getting to the core problem, either operator error, or crippleware. The EMC 9 I have was bundled with a Plextor DVD drive and may not have the function that you mention. When I tried to use EMC 9 to burn the files that Pinnacle Studio had prepared for making a DVD, I used EMC 9's normal interface. When I attemped to drag over all the folders that Studio had prepared, when it reached the VIDEO_TS folder, there was a pop-up message to the effect that "you are attempting to make a DVD, use the COPY function for this." So I went to the COPY menu in the EMC 9 I have. The only options provided there were: --Copy Disc (to just copy one disc from another disc) --Burn Image to Disc (which looks for a single file, like an .iso file. It would not allow me to drag the VIDEO_TS file over). --Save Image to Hard Drive. --Upgrade to Powerful Copy Tools So I switched to the Creator Classic menu, and it did allow me to bring ALL the folders that were created by Pinnacle and burn them to a DVD, which is how I've made the discs that always work on the Memorex, and sometimes work on the Sony (based on a sample of only two videos). Further in support of your comment that there are other folders on the disc that shouldn't be there, I went back and looked at the folders on a few DVDs that Pinnnacle had burned directly, and had content similar to what I was trying to make yesterday. On those other DVDs, there were only two folders, VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS, the latter often being empty. So it seems that you are right that I should not be bringing over all of the folders that Pinnacle might be preparing. One possibiity is that I'm copying over too much and should just try bringing over VIDEO_TS and seeing if that does the trick. Are there other functions in a full version of EMC 9 (upgraded to Creator 2009) that would help with making the DVD? Terry
  3. tquinn

    Dvd Won't Play On Sony Slp D500p Vcr

    Walt, I'll get to the files in a moment, but before that, I don't know that the conclusion that "it did its job" is yet verified. As someone pointed out earlier in this thread, different VCRs will be more sensitive to the same DVD than others. If (and this is hypothetical), Roxio 6 and Pinnacle produce a more robust disc that will work in both the Memorex and the Sony, and the EMC 9 only works in the Memorex, it would suggest a relative deficiency in the EMC 9. Having said that, I've since tried something else that further muddies the water. I took a file set from a different DVD that had burned successfully with Roxio 6, and just burned that in with EMC 9. In this case, the Sony was able to read it. I'm thinking of the following experiment, if this sounds right. I have XP Pro. I set a restore point just before I cleaned off Roxio 6 and installed EMC 9. Is it possible that if I set a second restore point now, I could go back to Rox6 and verify if it will suceed with the first file set that failed on EMC 9. If it does not, it might just be a faulty file set. If it does, then it would point an accusing finger on EMC9. My hope then is that I could, if needed, go back the the restore point I've just created and return to the current condition. {I know you can go back to a previous restore point, but can you return to a future restore point after going back to an earlier one}? The files that are on the disks are in the following six folders. I burned them by using the "Data" function in EMC 9 to make a data disk, and just put a copy of these six folders and their contents on the blank DVD: DVDTmp Menus mpi VIDEO_TS vmgm vts_1 Terry
  4. tquinn

    Dvd Won't Play On Sony Slp D500p Vcr

    The disks I tried (3 of them) were Taiyo Yuden Silver DVD-R. I tried them at 12X and 8X. As for the drive being picky, I've used it for a couple of years, and it never had any problems previously, using a variety of discs.. I've also used dozens of the TY disks in it, and also have successfully read disks that came directly from the Studio software to the same burner, and also one that I burned with the Roxio Creator 6, doing it the same way, and that worked, same discs, same player. I think that narrows it down to EMC 9 as being the only variable. That is the only thing that has changed. Terry
  5. I've used Roxio Creator 6 for quite a while, with no problems. But since it doesn't do DL disks, and along with a recent purchase of a new Plextor drive they bundled EMC9, I thought I'd try it. My first attempt to install it was unsuccessful. Today I followed the arduous Roxio instructions on how to uninstall and clean out all of the leftovers from Roxio 6, and then installed EMC 9. Most of it went in okay (but Cine Player doesn't work). I attempted to burn a DVD using EMC 9 in its Data mode, by burning all the necessary files that had been created by Pinnacle Studio 9. The resulting DVD would play in a $30 Memorex DVD drive, but it would try to load and then give an error message on my higher-end Sony SLP D500P VCR. This is the first DVD that wouldn't play in the Sony, so I'm pretty sure that it has to do with settings or something wrong on the EMC 9. I tried changing the Type from "Track at Once (TAO), Open" to "Track at Once (TAO), Closed." This did not help. If anyone has any ideas, please pass them along. If you don't have any ideas, please suggest a DVD burning software that is DL compatible, and will work out of the box better than EMC 9. Some people have suggested that Nero is better. Any thoughts on that?