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  1. All of a sudden after it previously worked just fine I was unable to capture video from my Sony DV and getting the message " failed to setup system components for showing picture and sound". At that time I was also not able to capture in the Windows Movie program. The message there was that the device was currently in use. After contacting Roxio support I followed their instructions for a clean reinstallation. The end result is that now when I go into Videwave or any other video application my computer goes into an immediate restart. Several other contacts with Roxio has not resolved my problem. The best that I can get out of them is to upgrade to Creator 2010, I have Creator 2009. Actually i have done about 5 complete clean reinstallions. Can anyone out there help me, I have spent the better part of 2 days trying to deal with this. I have a Vista 64 bit operating system. Also to make things clear the video program was working just fine until the other day. For what ever its worth my Microsoft video application can now capture video which seems to indicate that the capture feature may have been resolved but at the cost of the latest problem which does not even allow me to get into any Roxio video application. Thanks
  2. mpp39

    VideoWave Issue with Medea Selector

    Thanks i got the answer i wanted. With your screen resolution and 20" wide screen the media Selector probably does not obscure anything and you are free to drag a file to the production editor. I work with a 19" standard LCD screen, normally with a screen resolution of 1024x768 so when Media Selector opens it obscures the editor so i can not drag the file where i want it nor can i do any editing. When i work with video captured from my digital camera i usually will load a number of clips on the editor before i start editing. Sometimes i will want to drag a clip in between clips allready on the editor which i could not very well do if the editor is covered by the Medea Selector. Even if i worked with one clip at a time which is not always practical for me i cant even drag that one clip to the editor because the media Selector cover the spot i want to drag it to. I dont know if what i say makes any sense to you or not. The top screen resolution i have is 1280x1024 and i have learned that if i work with that resolution the Medea Selector does not obscure the editor so ican edit with the Selector open, but the print and illustrations are small and tough on the eyes. Anyway thanks for all your input it eas quite helpful.
  3. mpp39

    Sound editor

    i cant help you with the click problem but i agree with you about Roxanne. I hope you are as fortunate as me. Although i have not resolved my issue entirely the forum has been a lot more helpful than Roxane or live internet support.
  4. mpp39

    VideoWave Issue with Medea Selector

    I really appreciate your input. Just one question if you dont mind. How exactly do you work within the Video Wave window. When you are in VideoWave do you work with Media Manager to do your editing. When you bring up Media manager does it cover 75-80 percent of the window obscuring the top half of the video editor making it pretty impossible to do any editing as it does for me. If thats what happens to you, how than do you deal with this to do your editing. Thats the only issue i have and if i cant get beyond that i cant go to the next step. I learned from someone in the forum that i can work from folders instead of with Media Manager but thats quite time consuming and cumbersome. i have also learned from the forum that i can get enough clearance to work in the Production Editor by changing the screen resolution to 1280x1024 which gets pretty rough on the eyes. What is your experience speciifically in this one area. Thanks again for your patience from a greatful and very amateurish movie maker.
  5. mpp39

    VideoWave Issue with Medea Selector

    Your correct i havent really explored 8. I was only referring to the VideoWave application in 8. I have not run into any problems elsewhere yet. But if you know what advances are there in VideoWave 8 not available in 7 i would be grateful to know. Am i assuming correctly that you have the same conditions with Vidiowave as i do. How are you working with this program. Are you doing anything different than what already has been suggested. Regardless of any improvements in 8 over 7 it makes no sense why something that worked efficiently in an earlier version becomes inefficient in a new version. It is sometimes difficult to make one self clear. I am not tech oriented so my nomenclature may not always be tech correct. I am not assuming that Media Manager is integrated or not. One day i am using VideoWave7 and upgrade to 8 expecting enhancements not impediments. You seem like a tech oriented person. Could you tell me step by step how you work with videowave 8. I may be missing something. I know i am asking a lot but this could be very meaningful for many not just me. Thanks
  6. I must agree with you. The experience i had with the site was the most frustrating ever. I didnt want to pay for a service call so i tried using the internet chat with a service rep. No help what so ever. I thought i would try calling the 905 number and found out it was in Canada an international call so i scrapped that . I figured i would give this a try before i tried to return EMC 8 to the reseller,
  7. mpp39

    VideoWave Issue with Medea Selector

    You apparantly have the same situation as i do. My guess is that there was the intent that Dock Media Selector appear under view. It makes no sense for the Media Selector to block so much of the window. I attempted to resolve this issue with support over the internet and the support agent told me that that option ( i assume he meant dock Media selector )was not available in all " flavors" inferring it was than available in some "flavors". How do you work with Production Editor if you have so much of the screen covered with media selector.
  8. mpp39

    VideoWave Issue with Medea Selector

    Thanks for your response. The resizing feature doesnt work here properly. I can increase the size of the window but cant decrease. Reducing the text doesnt help. The odd thing is that the manual that accompanied the purchase very specifically says you can Dock the Media Selector to the right of the preview area by going to view and selecting Dock Media Selector. I do not have any such designation under View. I assume you also have EMC 8 do you have "Dock Media Selector" under view and can you tell me where does the Media Selector appear in your VideoWaveWindow when you open it and how much of the window does it cover. Perhaps i have a one of a kind of fluke. I am not an expert , but have worked with this program in two earlier versions with no problems of this kind. In EMC 7 when i opened Media Selector it would come up in the upper right corner of the window in a size that obscured nothing. Thanks again
  9. When i work with VideoWave and access Media Selector it appears and takes up about 75 percent of the Window obscuring Production Editor to the point that i am unable to work in the program. How do i reduce the size of Media Selector. There is supposed to be a feature under View that will enable me to dock media selector to the right of the Preview area but no such designation exists. Has anyone else run into this. Thanks for any help i can get here.