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    Missing Author's Info when Exporting Tracks Info VS DISCUS

    We have now reached TOAST 9 and nothing seems to be changed. Still missing Artist field/info when exporting the playlist from Toast to Discus or Disclabel. These two stware houses say this depends on Toast. Fixing this issue would be much appreciated. It is very annoying to complete the playlist manually adding Artist info for every single track
  2. Hi guys, i have some problems with Toast 8. First of all i saved some projects with Toast 7 that i'm not able to load in Toast 8. These AUDIO projects are loaded as Pictures galleries and cannot see my audio tracks anymore. Second problem is skipping of mixed audio tracks. If i load a mixed audio sequence in Toast 7 no skipping between one track and another (pause is set to zero obviously). If i load the same sequence in Toast 8 there is a "click" when the following track starts. What happens?
  3. When i import in DISCUS track's info from Toast i get the titles but not the authors. Someone says that is not a problem with Discus but it depends on the way TOAST exports TAG ID. Can you confirm TOAST isn't able to export AUTHOR's ID? WHY?????