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    Videowave 8 Not Working Properly

    Videowave 8 forum? Not that I can see
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    Videowave 8 Not Working Properly

    No, I think he means function like add back ground and audio effects. The whole thing is a nightmare! I bought the Photosuite/videowave bundle yesterday becasue of the noted return on my beloved "overlay" function. That function lets you cover your actual video files in the menu of a DVD with various graphics instead of the viewer just seeing a clip from the actual movie. It was a GREAT feature that disappeared around vers 5. This new version of overlays doesn't seem to work that way first off, but maybe it needs to be worked with. The instructions also claim that you can use your own graphics to create an overlay. We'll see MY issue with this volum is that we seem to lose a LOT of the editing funcitons! In vers 7 you could adjust lightness/darkness, sharpness, contrast, ect. But I can't find these function in vers 8! It seems we had trade editing tools for ooverlays?