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  1. That's frustrating, but thanks for the info. I'm not keen on removing IE7 and WMP11, so I purchased a new video editor and installed it last night, and it seems to be working now.
  2. Thanks for that interesting bit of news. I am using IE7 and WMP11. Any idea why the conflict? Is it something that can be fixed such as replacing a codec? Any chance of a patch?
  3. I posted this at the Dell support boards, but haven't received a reply. Maybe someone here can help. I have been using Roxio Videowave infrequently since I purchased my Dell Dimension 8250 in 2003. It has worked great up to now. Now when I connect my Sony miniDV camera to the firewire connection and try to capture, the video is jerky and the sound cuts in and out (way more than just a skipped frame or two). When I try to play back videos I captured successfully in the past, it does the same thing. I am assuming some Windows XP or Media Player upgrade has caused this. Has anyone seen this problem, and are there any known workarounds? If I can't fix it, I don't mind upgrading to a new video package, but would like to know if a new package will work with the Atlantis capture card. Anyone have experience? My specs: Dell Dimension 8250, 1 GB RAM, 2x500 GB HDD, nVidia 7600 GT Dell Movie Studio Plus with Roxio Videowave 1.6.767.1 and EMuzed Capture card. Windows XP SP3, WMP 11 Many thanks! Kevin