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    80004005 Error While Encoding Movie 1

    Okay, figured it out, has to do with frame sync. When I first started trying to import the video I tried to use Roxio Media Import. However it has a nasty quirk that if it comes across a section of an input stream that has no sync it STOPS capturing the video. Since I had a bunch of tapes (about 20 out of 30) that had breaks, it meant having to restart the capture over and over. So I gave up on it and switched to AVS Video Recorder, which will keep recoding until there is no signal (which is different than just no sync). Then when I split up the captured video into individual movies, in some cases I left "video" in the mpg that had no picture, and it showed up as basically blue filler or jitter. It seems THAT is what MyDVD did not like. Once I took these bad frames off the front of the clip they worked fine and I have been able to successfully create the DVDs for the 2 projects that were failing. Lesson learned, make sure all your video clips are "clean" before you try to encode them. To answer your questions though, they all did play by themselves in MyDVD Preview mode. I think I did try one in VideoWave, and I think it played, not positive. I am sure I'll run into this probelm again (like I said, I have about 25 DVDs to make), so I'll try VideoWave and see if it picks up the problem. Thanks Jack
  2. jack63ss

    80004005 Error While Encoding Movie 1

    UPDATE: I deleted the first 4 movies in the project and added them back in so they show up at the end of the movie list, and this time it failed immediately with the same error. So I think that it is the 5th mpg file that is bad. I am going to investigate this a little more, so please leave this posting in place and if I figure it out I'll post the answer. Also, is there some way to "validate" the mpgs so I know they will encode correctly ?
  3. I am running Creator 2009 MyDVD and getting an error when I try to create an ISO image. The encoding process completes for movies 1, 2 & 3, and then stops with an error that says: 80004005 Error while Encoding Movie 1 I have tried both hardware and software encoding and get the same result with both. I have actually created 3 DVDs successfully, but have run into this problem with 2 different projects (different movies). The .mpg video clips were created using a Happauge WinTV v6 card as an input device, connected to a VCR. I could believe that one of the mpgs is out of sort, but they all play in preview. And I am confused by it saying it successfully encoded movie 1, then saying later on that movie is the problem. If I could narrow down which movie it actually was that it failed on I could run it through my AVS VideoRemaker to create a new mpg file, but I am not sure what one to try to fix. Roxio MyDVD Roxio Creator 2009 Special Edition (Build 111B10E ENU) Windows XP Pro 5.1 (Build 2600) Service Pack 3 Homebuilt system - Gigabyte Mb, Intel Quad 2.4 Cpu Q6600 with 4GB Memory NVIDIA GeForce 9600 video with 5/5/2012 driver I have about 50 DVDs to create, so I really need to figure out what is going on. Thanks
  4. I am slightly confused by the difference between Standard Play and Hig Quality. I know that HQ is 720x480 @9mbs and SP is 352x480 @6mbs, but what I don't understand is why why I add a movie to a project it takes more space when set to SP than to HQ ? Doesn't seem to make sense, I would have expected HQ to take much more space. I am more than glad to create more DVDs, as long as I get better quality. What am I missing here ? Thanks Jack
  5. I have about 30 hours of MPEG files that I imported from VCR tapes that I would like to burn to DVD. I can just "copy" them to the DVD as data, but I thought it would be nicer to use Roxio to create a Movie DVD. The problem is that MyDVD wants to re-encode the entire MPEG file before it burns it, which is way too time consuming. I already spent I have no idea how many hours importing them, and I don't want to spend the same amount again just to get them into just another format. Basically what I want is the menu structure that goes with a MovieDVD that will work with a series of MPEG files. That way I would only have to encode the Intro that went with the menu, the rest would be straight MPEG. It would cut the time from probably 2.5 hours to encode and burn a 4GB MPEG to maybe 30 minutes. Am I smoking something strong or is there a way to do this ? Thanks Jack Oh, and did I mention I have another 20 hours of VHS to import ?
  6. Whenever Media Import senses a lose of sync/signal from my VCR it stops recording. Is there a way to get around this, as I am trying to digitize a bunch of home videos and there are breaks all over the place.
  7. This particular problem is my single biggest complaint about Creator. I have been putting up with it, but if that many people are complaining about it then I think you might want to fix it. Obviously if you am doing digital capture it is not a problem, but for those of us trying to convert a library of tape to DVD being able to just "capture" what is on the "tape" would be a major improvement. I mean, is it really that hard ?
  8. I have a Gigabyte EP35C motherboard, with on board audio that uses Realtek HD audio drivers. It supports Mic input (2), Line input and Digital input. If I go to Control Panel and select Sound and Audio Properties, under Audio->Sound recording it shows devices for both Realtek HD Audio input and Realtek HD Digital input. I have Realtek HD Audio input selected as the default for both Audio->Sound recording and Voice->Voice recording. The mic is connected and works fine if I run the Test hardware. However, in Roxio Sound Editor the Record Audio dialog only lists Capture From: Realtek HD Digital input, and nothing at all for under Input:. If I turn the mic on you can see the recording level jump, which I don't understand. In addition, every once in a while, with the mic turned off, I see the Recording Level jump a little as well. HELP ! Jack
  9. jack63ss

    Mydvd Project Type

    When you start a new project in MyDVD you have 5 choices for project type. My problem is I can't find in the documentation where it explains which you should use for what. DVD VCD SVCD DVD+VR AVCHD If my research is correct VCD is Mpeg-1, 352x240, 107:30 (almost 4:3) @ ~30FPS SVCD is Mpeg-2, 480x480, 4:3/16.9, and ~30FPS AVCHD is Mpeg-4/Mpeg-2, HD 720/1080, basically Blue Ray (or close) That leaves DVD and DVD+VR, and me with 2 questions. First, what is the max resolution I get if I chose one of those types ? Second, if I have a movie imported in Mpeg-2 what is the best one of the non-HD formats above to save it in ? Thanks Jack
  10. I was given Creator 2009 Special Edition for Christmas. I just copied a 1:05 hour video off a VHS tape using Media Import without any trouble at all. But what I got was a 14.4 GB AVI file, which is 4 DVDs worth, so I must be doing something wrong. What is the recommended method for copying a 2HR VHS tape to DVD ? Thanks