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    Photoshow Deluxe 4

    Anyone ever get an answer? I'm about to dump this program. If you have no support how do you use it when there's issues.
  2. MsLilly

    Burn Issues

    Hello - Well, where do I start? I've had issues all week with my program ... First, I had a Macromedia Projector problem, I fixed that by deleting and reinstalling my flash player (plus other files I had to remove, way to much to write here)... Then I ran the program again, and I had a script error problem, something that said, run director script error? Something like that - I ran an error fix on my pc, and that fixed that problem ... Now, I was 10% to completion (with 57 minutes total), between burning ... and audio/video ... and my cd drive door opened, and said can't burn to disk? I've used this program like 4 times, and I have burned to a cd. Any suggestions? I'm about to purchase a new program, because I've had so much problems with this one ... I have Photoshow Deluxe 4, and I purchased it a while back - and I have even emailed for my key - and I've sent several messages to cust service, and they won't respond. It seems I need to reinstall the program or something, but I'm afraid of what will happen with my shows I have saved in my computer. Any help or suggestions would definitely be appreciated. Michelle
  3. MsLilly

    Making Video

    K thanks! I'll try that. Just when I go to photoshow.com --- it refers me to the discussion groups, but I did email them also.
  4. MsLilly

    Making Video

    Why don't these people get back to you? I think it's sad that you have to wait for an answer for issues, and then still no one responds.
  5. MsLilly

    Photoshow Deluxe 4

    Has anyone ever responded about this problem? Really frustrating, seems Roxio doesn't have it together or something?
  6. MsLilly

    Making Video

    Hello - I've searched the net and this forum for my problem, but can't find it anywheres. I have Photoshow Deluxe 4.5 and I've tried to create a video but as soon as the 'audio' comes up, the program freezes. It's a rather large photoshow, however, I was able to burn a cd but had to reboot and try several times before that would even work. The cd would stop right at the audio part after 50 minutes of work. Very frustrating. If anyone has any suggestions on a fix, please let me know. I have emailed support, but they take forever to respond. Also, how can I find my registration key? I said 'forgot my password' (because it said my email was already a registered user - and then it tried to refer to me to comcast.net - I do not have a comcast account, and they had no idea what I wanted. I tried to explain what I was doing, and they told me to wait for Photoshow support to email me back. I figured I should just upload to photoshow circle, but can't log in. Thanks again for any help!! Michelle