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    Can't Reload Popcorn

    Thanks! Followed your instructions and the application opened and stays on the dock! Have not used it yet, but looks like it will work fine. Thanks again! JoeyC2
  2. JoeyC2

    Can't Reload Popcorn

    My iMac had problems so I had to take everything back to factory settings and reload lots of software and updates. Everything is working fine now, except I cannot get Popcorn to open. I put in my disk, drag Popcorn 3 to the applications folder in the same area shown, and it appears to download. When it is done, I go to my Applications folder and click on Popcorn. For maybe 5 seconds, the application icon appears my dock, but then goes poof. I have tried reinstalling it 3 times. On the second effort, it even asked for my CD key (which I entered) and other info. But, it still did not work. When I reinstalled over that, I did not get those questions again. I am running the latest Mac operating system, and all other software is up to date. Any suggestions? JoeyC2
  3. JoeyC2

    How Do I Take Chapters From Different Dvds?

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, tsantee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your instructions were very detailed, very clear, and everything worked great! I really appreciate your taking the time to do this. I was about ready to take this program back to the store, but with your help, I can now do what I was hoping to do with this. I have printed out your instructions, will make multiple copies, and save it to my computer, also. I strongly suggest anyone wanting to make compilation dvds to do the same! Thanks again!
  4. JoeyC2

    Should I Save A File Image As .toast?

    OK, got it. I double clicked on the disc showing on the desktop, and it opens up a window showing the Video and Audio _TS folders. Thanks!
  5. JoeyC2

    What Is Mount?

    I went into Finder and found the two .toast files I have saved as disc images. Evidently, when they are saved they are automatically mounted? I do not recall specifying to Mount them, but their is no contextual option to do so. Further, if I double click on them, they show up as a disc on the desktop that I can play with DVD Player. So, are you saying that when I save as a disc image, it is appropriate to use the .toast extension?
  6. JoeyC2

    What Is Mount?

    Can someone please explain what the hell it means to Mount a file???????
  7. I tried saving a dvd as an disc image file. I was able to do so, and saw that the default is to save it as a .toast file. I can access it on my hard drive and watch it. However, when I try to make a Video_TS compilation cd, I have a problem. I can drag a .mov file just fine. But, when I try to drag the .toast file, I get this message: File is an unsupported format and cannot be imported. Huh? I created it in Popcorn. I don't know much about _TS files, so that must be the problem. So, I guess the real question is ---- when saving a dvd as a disc image, should I save it as a .toast file, or give it another extension? Will other extensions even work? Again, I am saving these as disc images so that I can later put together compilation discs, with chapters from multiple dvds.
  8. JoeyC2

    Can't Open Popcorn

    I share your frustration!!! Like I said, I got the download to work. I think what I did was use Safari to go the main page for Roxio, select Popcorn, and click to download like I was buying it for the first time. Since I had registered the product from the box, Roxio recognized that, so I entered my Key # from the box and then the updated software download began. Even after that, it was a pain to get to work. I figured out that I had to get the download into my applications folder, then drag the downloaded update onto the Popcorn icon in the Applications folder. The first time I tried it, it did not work, but did the second time, and I was finally able to open Popcorn. Then, the real fun begins. What an obtuse, user-unfriendly program, if you want to do anything other than simply copying a dvd. With a lot of work, I have been able to sort thru some of the maze, and hope that others on this board can get me the rest of the way!
  9. I have multiple dvds of concerts, with each dvd having 4 or more chapters. If I want to put together a dvd with Chapters 1 and 2 from the first dvd, and Chapters 3 and 4 from the second dvd, how do I do that? Please explain in detail, as I find this program (and it's guide) to be the least intuitive, most poorly explained software I have ever used. I figured out how I could select a chapter or two from one cd, and drag it, but it did not physically appear in the window. I could tell it had been added by seeing the thing above the Copy button start to fill-up. But, I could not figure out how to get chapters from another dvd into the Content area. I am assuming I must somehow first save each of these chapters to my hard drive. I did save one concert (with 4 chapters), but then could not find a way of selecting specific chapters from that for a new dvd. So, I have given up trying to figure this out on my own. If someone can explain this in detail, I would REALLY appreciate it! This is the sole reason I bought this program.
  10. JoeyC2

    Can't Open Popcorn

    Thanks, that worked. It defeated the purpose of going to the store so I could have the disk as backup, but, at least now, the application works. Thanks again.
  11. JoeyC2

    Can't Open Popcorn

    I am using an iMac with the latest version of Leopard. I just purchased Popcorn 3 at a retailer and installed it a couple days ago using the disc. I completed the installation and registration process, but did not use the application at that time. Now when I go to open it, the Popcorn icon appears on the Dock for only a second or two, then goes poof and disappears. Do I try a re-install, or is there something else I should do to open Popcorn? Subsequent to posting this, I tried a reinstallation of Popcorn 3, but still have the same problem --- the program will not open. It appears on the Dock for one second, then disappears. The title never appears at the top of the screen. Help!