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  1. I'm considering purchasing Creator 2009 SE from Costco w/the converter - http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?...topnav=&s=1 - My question is will the Video Capture USB allow me to transfer video directly from the video camera or do I have to make a VHS first and THEN transfer? Thanks so much for your help and advice! Lynn
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    Creator And Video Capture Usb

    Thanks everyone for your input and wisdom!! I truly appreciate the help. Lynn
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    Creator And Video Capture Usb

    I have 2 video cameras that I want to use it with. One is quite old - it's a Sony Video8XR - Model # CCDTRV15. The other is newer - it's a Pansonic PV-GS19. I'm mostly interested in getting the tapes from the Sony transferred. They're mostly baby video! Thanks so much for your help! Lynn