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    Spin Doctor Crashes When Applying Filters

    I tried that and crashed. BTW I am glad you are available and helpful, but an actual Roxio support dept. would be a good thing. I'm still trying to get a refund from my Boombox return in January and now the even more expensive Toast won't work I'm very disappointed in these folks
  2. McIntosh

    Spin Doctor Crashes When Applying Filters

    Well, I am having the same (almost) problem. I have not been able to get as far as filtering, though. I have a brand new Mac Mini, OSX 10.5.6 (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 Ghz, 4gb DDR3, 300 gb drive) Toast 10.0.2, CD Spin Doctor 6. The music gets recorded on the Mac drive (from the peamp to the ADS Instant Music box to a USB port), but as soon as I try to define tracks it crashes. Help!
  3. Thanks. I learned to drive stick in a friend's TR3A. Another had a 100/6. Not much suspension travel, ISTR. Fast, though. Point and go. Weird shock absorbers, too.
  4. 3.1s. Most recent copyright 2006. I've asked for a refund, I think I would be better investing in a current release of Toast. Am I right that Toast will do what I want, and more? Also, it works on wintel PCs as well? 100/6?
  5. Oh, no. I guessed there might be a problem when I saw CD SpinDoctor under "legacy" products - I just spent $45 on it today to replace the CDSD 2 (can't find the CD) so that I can finally use the ADS Instant Music that has been sitting on my shelf forever. If this is not supported anymore is it ethical to sell it? Without any notice of the "legacy" condition?