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    Udf Reader Crashes Windows Xp

    Brendon: Thank you so much!! I installed the "Picture Motion Browser" without the other programs - such as the UDF reader and everything seems to be working well. I am new the world of digital camcorders and media files and all of this is a bit confusing. One step at a time.... Your help is greatly appreciated! Mike
  2. MHiggins3

    Udf Reader Crashes Windows Xp

    I recently bought a VERY expensive digital HD camcorder from Sony - Model HDRSR12E. To transfer the files to the computer the device comes with the "Picture Motion Browser" software along with the "Sonic UDF Reader." After installing the software I needed to reboot my computer - the operating system is Windows XP and I have the Roxio Media Creator 9 installed as well. When the computer rebooted Windows started to load - then the screen went blank - and I received an error message stating that there was some kind of memory conflict and that all the memory would be dumped. The computer then got into a cycle of rebooting, dumping the memory, and rebooting again. I finally had to break in and booted the computer in Safe mood. I then restored it to a previous boot date - actually yesterday's - and I am now able to use the computer again. However, I still do not have the Picture transfer software set up - and am hesitate to try again. Any suggestions would be welcome. Mike mhiggins at csrlink dot net email address altered to defeat spamming 'bots