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    All File Dialog Boxes Extremely Slow

    Doesn't make a difference what is or isn't running. It's a Pentium D 3ghz with 3gb Ram. I run many different applications, some of which can be pretty intensive, and nothing else is slow. If it's the machine then it hates only Roxio. It shouldn't take much to open a file dialog.
  2. In each application such as MyDVD, VideoWave, etc. whenever I select SaveAs, Browse or any file operation it takes several minutes for the dialog to display. After the dialog displays if I navigate to another directory / drive in the dialog, there is again a very long delay. So for example, I'm in Save Production As in VideoWave. First it took forever for the dialog to display. Now after it's displayed if I select a new folder there is again a long delay before the new information displays. It's a similar issue across each application in the suite, with anything to do with file / directory display. Everything else while not fast is not intolerable like this situation is. Almost makes each application unusable to me with having to wait so long for any file directory info to display. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. Yes, that is what I meant - installing of Creator 2009 may have impacted my MCE installation. Turns out it did. Upon further investigation my installation didn't seem to have completed properly. I reinstalled and the Cinemaster Video codec now shows up in the utility, but only as MCE compatible and not MP compatible. For MCE it only seems to offer partial compatiblity with many glitches. I've resolved the MCE issue by installing the InterVideo codec pack for MCE. I'm disappointed that the out of box Creator install was not proper and the codec doesn't seem to do the job properly (Quite honestly I'm not sure if the install ever completed correctly).
  4. Thanks for your reply (I downloaded DirectShow filter manager and it is excellent). The MS app also indicates if the codec is mce compatible and allows you to set a preferred codec for MCE / MP which is why I've used it. I'm still confused as to why the MS utility no longer displays any codecs since I didn't uninstall them (for example codecs for a hi-def DIVCO tuner that used to show up). As indicated, this all started right after the Roxio install. In the past having no codec show up in the MS program was indicator of trouble.
  5. After install of Creator 2009 I wanted to see what my decoders looked like with the Windows XP media decoder checkup utility. The utility now shows that no codecs are installed. This doesn't make sense - my video works as expected. This is an MCE 2005 machine and MCE still works fine and dvd's play just fine with Cineplayer. According to the checkup utility there are now no MPEG-2 decoders installed. Any ideas? Thank You