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    Black Images After Video

    I've just reviewed all of my posts and my opening line in my very first post says that I am trying to create a Blu-ray. I have used Roxio EMC for years and have faithfully upgraded it every year when a new one is released and it seems that I run into the same problem every time. I eventually get it to work but this time I can't. I have given up on this product and am looking at Photodex. I feel that I have always been respectful when posting questions and thanking the ones who have answered me but it seems like the people who handle these posts tend to be negative and demeaning towards those of us who ask questions. This will be my last post ever for this product.
  2. FSchleyhahn

    Black Images After Video

    I am actually creating a Blu-ray with this video. I have a Blu-ray burner. I was able to finally get the Blu-ray burned and when it played in my Blu-ray player attached to my HD TV, the quality was outstanding. It was only on those slides immediately following a video that I had a problem.
  3. FSchleyhahn

    Black Images After Video

    I don't understand why I need to reduce the resolution of my pictures--I want the best quality output I can get. Again, the black images only pop up right after a video (AVI or QuickTime) is played. There seems to be a correlation to video playback and a still picture following it. If I add a color slide right after the videos, the very next picture displays just fine. I would prefer to not have color slides (blank slides) right after the videos.
  4. FSchleyhahn

    Black Images After Video

  5. FSchleyhahn

    Black Images After Video

    Thanks for your help with this. To say it is 'maddening' when that happens is definitely an understatement . I did follow your instructions to the letter. However, when I attempt to burn the project to a DVD Folder, it never makes it past 0%. I have restarted my computer numerous times and have disabled everything in the MSCONFIG Startup from starting, yet I get the same results--0% progress. I've even tried deleting the proxy files (that did work before when this occurred), but this time, it didn't. Any suggestions? Thanks again for your help.
  6. FSchleyhahn

    Black Images After Video

    Yes--I made a mistake when I posted it in the 2010 section. Sorry about that. I didn't know how to delete it from that section so I just created a new post under the correct section.
  7. FSchleyhahn

    Black Images After Video

    Hello. I have worked countless hours on a Blu-ray project and I keep getting black images after videos within my project after I have burned it to either a Blu-ray or to a DVD. I create my project within VideoWave which is comprised with a combination of still images (JPEGs) and videos (AVI and QuickTime Movie). Within VideoWave, I can watch my project and there aren't any problems. I then add the VideoWave Project to MyDVD and burn the project (I burn it to a Folder Set with a High-Quality Setting), and it completes just fine. I then burn the Folder Set to a Blu-ray media then play it back on my Blu-ray Player connected to my TV and whenever a video within the project plays, the slide immediately following that video will be black. If I happened to have put text on one of those slides after a video, the text displays but the picture is completely black. Things I have tried so far are: 1. Deleting the DAT file associated with the VideoWave Project 2. Deleting the Proxy Files within MyDVD 3. Upgrading the video driver I have tried exporting my video from VideoWave in MPEG-2 Format (Blu-ray HQ) but for some reason, it gets to about 33% and then the video just stops playing during the export process and nothing else happens. VideoWave doesn't lock up (in Task Manager, it is still running) but it just hangs at around 33%. I've let it sit there over night and in the morning I check and it's still at the same spot and the file size and date that it is creating hasn't increased and the timestamp of the file is when I started exporting it). However, when I had this same problem with the Black Slides after a video when creating a DVD, I was able to export it to a MPEG-2 Format (DVD HQ) then I added that MPEG-2 file to MyDVD and was able to render it and burn it to DVD and the playback was perfect. I have thought about adding a black slide (color slide) immediately after my videos within my VideoWave Project but that isn't the effect I am looking for. I was hoping maybe one of you can assist me or can offer me a suggestion. Thanks for your help. Floyd Dell Studio XPS 8000 Intel Core i7 CPU 8GB RAM Windows 7 Professional x64 NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240 Easy Media Creator 2011 Professional
  8. FSchleyhahn

    Pan And Zoom Editor

    I was wondering if there is a way to only have the Zoom In and Zoom Out Pan and Zoom Editor effects. These are the only effects that I use and whenever I make a production and apply Auto Motion to it, I have to go through each slide and change the ones that aren't Zoom In or Zoom Out. If I can eliminate all the other effects and just have these 2, it would save me a lot of time. Thanks for your help.
  9. I recently installed Roxio 2011 Professional and launching applications from its main menu worked fine for awhile, but for some reason, whenever I try to launch <Burn Data Disc> from the main menu, Roxio locks up and the only thing I can do is exit out of it. Just for grins, I let it run and about 30m later, the <Burn Data Disc> application finally started up. I am able to launch this program by drilling down to C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio 2011\Creator Classic and launching Creator13 and it comes right up. Any ideas or suggestions on how I can get this to work from the main menu just as fast as launching it from Creator13? Thanks for your help. Dell Studio XPS 8000 Intel Core i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz 8GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240 Windows 7 Professional x64
  10. I just finished creating 4 4x3 videowave productions and now have a widescreen TV. I re-created MyDVD Productions for each of the Videowave Files using 16x9, but the videowave productions are still 4x3. Is there a way to convert a 4x3 Videowave Production to 16x9 without having to start over from scratch? Thanks
  11. FSchleyhahn

    Video Copy And Convert Extremely Slow

    When launching Video Copy and Convert, iTunes launches. First, is there a way to prevent iTunes from launching or is there a way to disassociate it from Roxio EMC 2010 all together? Next, when I attempt to browse for the ISO file that I created, it takes up to 10-15 minutes before the window will open permitting me to drill down to the location of my files. I suspect this has something to do with iTunes but I'm not for sure. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Sknis--thanks for your help. After trying everything you suggested, I ended up splitting my VideoWave production into two separate productions and was able to finally render them both. It was easy to delete second half of the production from the original but when I deleted the first half, all of my sounds and music had to be re-aligned. In any event, this worked. I just wish I could have kept it on one DVD. Thanks again for your help.
  13. I was able to check and the burn to disc option is not checked and the option to normalize the audio is also not checked. Thank you
  14. Thank you for helping me. I need to check on Suggestion #1 an #3 (normalize the audio) but here are the answers to the other questions: 1) Not for sure--will check tonight 2) I have a 1TB drive with about 800GB free 3) Will check tonight 4) I am using the Safari Menu--that is the only change I made when I said I 'doctored' it up 5) It never occurs at the same place--I've watched this closely. Last night, I watched it and it got to 91% then it failed. Other times, it couldn't even open the project and would just lock up. I have tried rendering this so many times, but it's never consistent in where it stops. If you have anymore suggestions based upon the answers I just supplied, please let me know. Thank you.
  15. I took sknis' advice and exported my VideoWave production to a MPG-2 (DVD Best Quality) and it completed just fine--no errors. I then added this file to My DVD, created my chapters, doctored up my menus then played it to make sure it would load and it did. I also clicked on all of my chapters and they all played. But when I burned it to a Folder--the same thing happened: An unrecoverable device error occurred. Error while encoding movie 1. This is SO FRUSTRATING. I have worked so hard on this but just cannot seem to get it to a DVD. Any other suggestions? Do you think upgrading to the next version of Roxio that is out there will help? Also, I went to Best Buy and bought a new GT 240 NVIDIA video card (the one that came with my computer was the GTS 240 an from what I can tell, there isn't a big difference between the two). I really don't think it's my video card. Even when I try to render it using Software, the same thing happens. Any more suggestions? Thanks