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    Which Version Of Creator 2009?

    I appreciate the help here so far including you Frank. By the way, i opened a ticket to Roxio support after i opened this thread and I just got a response from roxio support regarding differences between Creator 2009 and Creator 2009 Special Edtion that this forum can use as official from Roxio. Maybe a good stickie for moderator to post at start of this forum. Here is the response: Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Service The only difference between the two is that the special edition comes with the usb device. This is a retail version only and was one of the many offers we create for our resellers. Here is some more information on Creator 2009 http://www.roxio.co.uk/enu/products/creato...e/overview.html. If the information provided does not resolve your issue simply update your webticket with a detailed explanation with the steps you have tried and any error messages you receive. Regards, Roxio Customer Service
  2. Cashjeney

    Which Version Of Creator 2009?

    Thanks for the input. I have 2 computers to get roxio for(mine and kids) ... So will buy Creator 2009 and Creator 2009 SE. I just went over to Best Buy to get Creator 2009. it is on sale this week for 59.00 (bargin). Plus found a link to get 20.00 rebate to fill out ( just have to zerox my nero install disk and fill out form) .... So i get 1 copy for 39.00 plus tax ... Not too bad .... Tomorrow i go over to Costco to get the SE edition for 63.99 plus tax. Real great way to get 2 copies with 1 usb converter for pretty close to price of 1!
  3. Cashjeney

    Which Version Of Creator 2009?

    Frank, thankyou for responding. I am still curious as to what features have been taken out of the special editon when comparing it to the C2009? Attila
  4. Hi, New to this forum. Made decision to try out roxio creator 2009 and not the other guy this time around. But I do not know which version of Creator 2009 to purchase. Let me give a brief overview of system, want to do's, toys being used. This my custom system: os: windows xp home edition sp3 (fresh installation) motherboard: msi k7n2 delta processor: amd athlon xp 2500 barton at 2.20 ghz (runs as xp3200+) ram: 2gb pc3200 in dual channel mode (2x512mb crucial, 1 gb cosair) video card: agp Evga geforce 7600 gs (256MB DDR2 Memory) drive C: sata 500gb seagate barracude with 16mb cache drive D: sata WDC WD2500AAKS-00SBA0 Drive F: LITE-ON CD-RW SOHR-5238S Drive G: LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1693S These are some of the things i want to do: I am in process of copy cassettes to pc using import deluxe and creating mp3 to put on my players. I also want to convert my cds to mp3. I have not acquired hardware to copy my vhs collection to pc and subsequently transfer to dvd. I also purchased the Adobe photoshop elements 7/ premiere Elements 7 bundle last nite at BB with hopes to start working with my home movies soon. These are the toys in my household: 120gb ipod classic 30g zune 8 gb sansa fuze blackberry curve phone palm centro phone 2 pantech matrix phones portable cd and dvd players So, i am trying to consolidate software into a centralized theme for the whole family to use. And from my readings here, there are 3 versions of Creator 2009: creator 2009 creator 2009 ultimate creator 2009 special edition (has hardware to hookup vcr to usb) In one of the postings here, it was mentioned that creator 2009 and creator 2009 se are the same but only diff is the usb hardware. In another post, it was noted that there are diffs in the features as well. Can someone clarify this for me ? If there are feature diffs please note them. Also, trying to figure out what advantage it is to use the Ultimate version, Since: 1. i dont have hd or blueray 2. i dont need the backup. 3. i read in post that SmartSound SonicFire Pro provides only few tracks initially, you have to purchase ones as you go. 4. the only item that looked interesting was the BIAS SoundSoap™ Standalone Edition to remove unwanted noise from copies of tapes, records and so forth. 5. did i miss out on any other feature here the ultimate has over the standard version? I know this is a lot to ask but any assistance/guidance is appreciated. thanks.....