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  1. That's what I get for posting on breaks at work. I was really seeing if anyone had seen that. But yeah, should have posted it as a question instead of a statement or asked specifically later what I was looking for. Well, if someone had run across that error no sense in giving them too much. I can give you what I know off the top of my head at this moment. HP Pavilion m7250 Media Center 3Gig Ram NVidia GeForce 9500-GT - installed Dec 08 LG GGW-H20L - installed 01/24/09 Yes, the encoding took all night. As for trying to burn to an ISO file or Disk it's the same problem It's before it gets to that point. But I did try a shorter file, which was the intro to the movie and that worked fine, even burned it to the BD-RE disk and put it in the player I have for my TV and it works. It goes from encoding, to importing, to burning to disk. But on that regular length movie it does the encoding fine but as soon as it hits the importing I get that error. But you would think if it encoded it then it was in a format it could accept for the import. Especially in the light of taking the smaller intro. But a thought did occur to me. I can try taking just a small piece of the movie into a file and try that. At least then it's at least the first part of the contents of the original movie. That or just try a whole different movie. But I like the idea of taking a smaller piece seeing the intro worked. But also I'm going to look at the encoding of the intro and see how different it is to the movie itself. Michael I was able to take the intro to the movie and it all worked fine. So I'm going to try some other tests like in my last reply and see. If all else fails I'll try a different movie in case something is choking on some content somewhere. Thanks
  2. I'm what? I was simply making a statement that hopefully someone can find an answer. Otherwise it makes no sense to keep it if it's not going to work. I just spent a month on a bad DVD drive that came with my system and bit the bullet and got a Blu-Ray burner. I didn't want to spend another month trying to find software that works. lol If it isn't one thing it's another. At least I can burn DL DVDs now like crazy. But dying to give Blu-Ray a run at it.
  3. mrmonteith

    Mydvd Unknown Error: 2130970883 -4

    Update - I trashed the idea figuring it's the HP drive. So I opted to buy an LG GGW-H20L Blu-Ray burner. I'm glad I did.
  4. Using Roxio Creator 2009 , using MYDVD to burn a blu-ray disk Not having good luck. After it spending hours encoding video it completes that part and then tries to import and gives an error: Failed to import media in AuthorScript. Error while Importing Media First off it's a bite to take that long and at least part of it works, but to get that error and have to TOTALLY start over with the encoding portion. But worse off the fact I get this error and have no idea what it's telling me. Either I get this going here pretty quick or return the software. Michael
  5. I get the following error: unknown error: 2130970883 -4 when I burn a DL DVD it writes out but before it ends it gives that error. I'm using XP Media Center Edition on a HP m7250n and a lightscribe drive using MyDVD. No viruses, drivers updated, everything. It works fine with regular DVDs, CDs CD/RW, and DVD/RW. I've lost two DL DVDs trying to figure things out since it never finishes. Luckily I got them on a closeout. Michael