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  1. ComPH

    New Feature Request

    I agree with all the mooblie's suggestions. I'd love to be able to make 3D BD discs, and see MVC compression implemented, including 3D menus, but I don't really expect it.
  2. ComPH

    Error 18771 - What A Scandal!

    What I was suggesting, was to try Toast 9 if you are trying to burn "HD DVD", which was a format alternate to the BD. Now that I understand that you are trying to burn BD on DVD media, I am suggesting that you try 10.0.8, or anything before 10.0.3. Toast 9 works as well. The older versions do not import chapters from the editors. I don't know what version ships if you actually order a disc. I'd start from the 10.0.8. In the past there were some of the older versions on the Roxio European sites, but I am not sure if that is still the case. I learned the hard way never to delete the older revs. Customer Service might be able to help you.
  3. ComPH

    Error 18771 - What A Scandal!

    If you really mean HD DVD, you must go for Toast 9. If you mean BD-DVD (BD-5/BD-9), for me 10.0.2 worked (no chapter marks) and now 10.0.8 works as well. Your results maybe different. Need to be on Intel (I must be brain dead) based Mac. Also recommend latest OS release.
  4. ComPH

    New User 18771 Error

    Mine seems to be fixed as well. I only tried it on one file, but it is the first time since I was able to finish even one BD on DVD on anything since 10.0.2. I am hopeful. I am outputting 1920x1080x60i files from FCE.
  5. ComPH

    No relief from -18771 error with 10.0.7

    Do you import chapter markers from your editor? If you do, are the chapters placed properly? What is the benefit of encoding in 10.0.2 and burning in 10.0.7? I could do everything with 10.0.2 that I needed except for properly placing chapters. Starting with 10.0.3, I get the -18771 error when encoding AVCHD on DVD. If I do not do AVCHD on DVD, but use BD, 10.0.7 works just fine, chapters and everything else. What is puzzling me, is why some people get good results with the 10.0.7 and I do not. It may have something to do with the OS-X update, which happened at the same time the 10.0.3 came on line.... I think I tried all the suggestions people had on this forum. Like many others, my greatest frustration is with Roxio's non-responsivness.
  6. ComPH

    No relief from -18771 error with 10.0.7

    Actually my files are very similar to what pruthe described previously. The camcorder is Sony HDR-SR11, AVCHD, 1920x1080x60i, 2channel stereo, ingested, edited and output without any additional processing by FCE as {aic}.mov files, brought into the Toast. I cannot speculate if there are dropped frames or what the issue is, I only know the symptoms. FCE should certainly be one of the editors considered as a standard in the OS-X systems. The streams are no problem when the target is BD. The only other thing is that it is happening on great many different videos of different lengths etc. The only thing that is consistent is the bug. What is frustrating, is that it is happening to many people, that it is very consistent and repeatable (in my case), that Roxio keeps repeating in their manual that it works and that there is no support. If Roxio bought bad codec, is possible, but how do I use that fact to get this working? I am not using any titling or anything exotic. I feel like I an alpha tester..... I appreciate everyone's effort to help with this. I would have not even say anything, if I didn't see the continuous posts on this issue. At least now I kno that it works for some of the people. I wish Roxio was 1% as helpful as the members of this forum are trying to be. I will just tune out again, and live with the results I am having. I have other things to do with my time, that are lot more productive.
  7. ComPH

    No relief from -18771 error with 10.0.7

    @pruthe: I tried to duplicate your environment as close as possible, that gives you good results, after first thrashing the original settings, unfortunately I keep having the same errors and crashes. Using 10.0.7, "Best" auto-settings as well as manual, with and without audio, still the same error message after about an hour of preparing the files for the burner, the dreaded error message is back. I understand that not everyone is having this problem, but enough people do for Roxio to look into it and address the issue openly. When I contact the support, I am obviously communicating with someone in India or so, who is reading some sort of FAQ script and is not really systems savvy. IMHO, this means that the prolem requires a knowledgeable engineer with access to the source code, who should be able to analyze what happened betwee 10.0.2 and subsequent releases, what the difference is when processing BD and DVD, and what can bring up that error message. I personally do not use any other features of the application except for burning video discs from Final Cut, and it doesn't, and never worked really well. I spend unreasonable amount of time trying to troubleshoot this, with no help from Roxio. So dissapointing.. Thank you for your help. You gave me more of it than Roxio ever did.
  8. ComPH

    No relief from -18771 error with 10.0.7

    This is very helpful. I really appreciate it. It should help me to isolate where the problem is. Unfortunately at the time of 10.0.3, the OS went through a major update, so something might have happened there. Again, thanks.
  9. ComPH

    No relief from -18771 error with 10.0.7

    Pruthe, this is really helpful. Could you please describe the streams? What resolution are you using, i/p, 50/60Hz, what audio encode/bit rate? What are exactly all your Toast settings? I would really appreciate your answer, and try to duplicate the stream/Toast settings, to eliminate variables. Thank you very much for the post.
  10. ComPH

    No relief from -18771 error with 10.0.7

    As I mentioned previously, I have one year old Intel based iMac with OS 10.6.3. I have an firewire external G-raid drive, on which I keep all my Toast working files. In addition to the internal burner, I have an external firewire connected Pioneer based blu-ray burner. I've kept all the revisions of Toast upgrades since the 10.0.2. I generate my own videos, both 2D and 3D side-by-side, using the Final Cut Express 4.01. After editing the sequences, I output them as (aic).mov files and keep them on the external drive as well. All my work is 1920x1080, 60i. I do not have Time Machine activated. After I start Toast, I use AVC encoding, avg. rate of 16Mbps, max. at 20Mbps. I never changed the settings. I didn't try to generate discs without menus. The rest is as I described previously. I do not get the error when I use AVCHD setting on DVD with the 10.0.2, or when I burn real BD recordable discs, with any rev. of Toast. I have the problem witth the error code 18771 whenever I use Toast rev. 10.0.3 or higher trying to burn the AVCHD on either the internal or external DVD. The main reason that I care, is because the Toast 10.0.2 has problem using chapter marks created by the FCE. I tried thrashing preferences, re-loading Toast all together, and other previous advices that I came across. Frankly, I gave up and use the Toast/media combination that works, but because I still see the same problem reporting posts going on, I made the input little while ago. If anyone makes their own DVD's using a similar path like I am successfully, could you please post about it? I would like to know if there is something specifically wrong with my workflow or system, or if there is a bug (or if the function is not supported any longer).
  11. ComPH

    No relief from -18771 error with 10.0.7

    O.k., then tell me what to do. I am running on one year old intel iMac, that has been working quite fine until 10.0.2, except for chapters, which too was documented many times in the past. Since the 10.0.3, the same error as described previously. Then the dreaded 18771 eror message. I re-loaded, re-cleaned, etc. etc. no improvement. The very same source works great with 10.0.2, it burns onto BD quite well with any of the versions. Something obviously happened at 10.0.3. Roxio is unresponsive. When only 32 people complaints, that is o.k.? Like I said, I am willing to take any reasonable steps to re-load, update, or whatever, but taking statistics on complaints is not helpful. Did you try to burn AVCHD file on DVD with any of the versions after 10.0.3? I am only interested in helpful inputs. I am loosing patience with this....
  12. ComPH

    No relief from -18771 error with 10.0.7

    My assumtion is that you get the error message trying to burn BD on DVD. This has been the issue since 10.0.3 (10.0.2 still works) and my guess is that Roxio has no intention to fix this. BD on BD works just fine. I would just wish that Roxio either openly declares that they'll not support the functionality, fix it, issue work-around instructions, or tell whole lot of us where we are going wrong, and how to do it right. The overseas "support" people are useless in solving anything but the most trivial issues.
  13. ComPH

    Can't burn blu-ray onto DVD after upgrading

    I cannot burn BD on DVD with the same error since 10.0.2. that is the case for many, many people, based on what I can read on the forums. I am convinced that it is a design problem well known to Roxio. Luckily I kept that version. Of course it doesn't handle chapters correctly, but at least it doesn't crash. I tried all the saves, and mixings, and advices form this forum, none work for me. Everything only works if the streams are rendered by 10.0.2. BD on BD with the very same files work just fine. All went down with 10.0.3. I kept all the versions active, just in case. I have OS and everything else always up to date on Intel based iMac. I depend on the computer and never put rogue garbage on it. Contacting tech support only led to frustration by typing to polite offshore guy who asked silly questions out of a playbook and asked me to do wasteful things. It tested my patience too much. I resigned myself to just accept what I have and not expect any real support or understanding from Roxio. Just an advice, never discard an upgrade from them, it may not be upgrade at all. If you are fluent with computers, the "customer service" cannot help you.
  14. ComPH

    Problems installing new update 10.06

    If I were you, I'd delete the installation that is not working. I'd then install the original disc cleanly. I'd rename that installation (apps folder) to somenting like "Toast 10 Old". then I would newly download and install the update again. I don't know your exact system or situation, but this worked for me several times without a hitch. Be careful that you have all your work files in unique dfolder(s) (preferably a separate data only disc) so that all your data files are preserved.
  15. ComPH

    Toast 10 Titanium version 10.0.6

    Rename your existent applications folder to something like Toast 10.0.5(4) first. Then download and install your new version normally. You will then have both verwsions in your applications. Eventually you can delete the one you no longer need.