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    Cannot Locate Rcprod.msi

    Thank you, Daithi. You are the first to provide me with a specific answer today, one which includes a "how to" answer. Very much appreciated. The other vague answers I've seen in this forum are pretty much useless.
  2. rkeesecker

    Cannot Locate Rcprod.msi

    I too am having this exact problem and have done just as you have ... clean uninstall and then reinstall. As you, for me the post #3 didn't help. I cannot find the extracted files anywhere on my Vista machine. The folder which is supposed to hold the RCPROD.msi file does not exist. It apparently wasn't created. Plus, I don't see an option of where the extracted files can be placed. I have had installation problems with every single Easy CD Creator, Easy Media Creator, and now Creator 9. I'm the fool, I guess, for expecting these installation problems from going away. One thing I did not do was uninstall the McAfee/ATTYahoo free firewall/antivirus program I use from ATTYahoo. It cannot be closed during installations, so it has to be UNINSTALLED and then reinstalled. I suppose I might try that. But I have only so many hours in the day for this foolishness.
  3. rkeesecker

    Creator Two Thousand And 9 Vs. Emc 10?

    Congrats on finding that comparison page. Doesn't show the advantages of upgrading from EMC 10, but I appreciate the effort. I didn't try to find that page on my own because I don't have extra hours in the day to try to figure out how and why the the Roxio web development team does what it does. User-friendly it is not and has never been. Oh, did I mention I rarely if ever get an answer to my tech support FAQ searches? All I usually get is a window saying no answer was found. This actually is a nice segue to another thought I should share with you. I am having difficulty launching Creator 2009 after install because of the RCPROD.msi not found issue, which I see you've addressed elsewhere in these forums for a couple other people. I saw that file flash in front of my eyes during the extraction of the .exe download file (when I installed Creator 2009 a second time hoping to solve the .msi issue), so it apparently was extracted, but the file it should be in doesn't exist on my computer. In fact, I can't find the extracted files anywhere, and the extraction process doesn't say where those files are going, let alone give you a choice where to extract them to. I read your post in the RCPROD.msi forum and didn't quite understand your instructions. Which leads me to the matter to which I referred at the start of the above paragraph. I have been a LONG time customer of Easy Media Creator, but I finally gave up because of installation problems exactly like this. I vowed to never again purchase a Roxio product. I gave in today because I thought things would be different. But no, apparently they aren't different. Besides the .msi ongoing problem, I got a bizarre error message about my Product key being a {0} instead of a{1}, whatever in the world that means. And making it more frustrating for people with brains, the error message was written in broken English. So I have given Creator and Roxio a second chance after giving up on the product after owning EMC from the early days and always upgrading. And I'm getting burned. Again. I guess I should have learned my lesson. It appears I'm the dumb one here. Can you share anything with me which might make me feel better about buying this product? I'm not being cynical, really. I just can't believe the same old EMC issues still are an affliction with the new Creator product. Sheesh. Bob Keesecker
  4. rkeesecker

    Creator Two Thousand And 9 Vs. Emc 10?

    AH! There is my confusion. Thank you. It totally eluded me that the new product is "Creator 2009" and NOT "Creator 9." It was right in front of my nose but I didn't see it. However, given the similarity of names, I'm not going to be too hard on myself. By the way, I tried but was unable to find a comparison chart on the web site between Creator 2009 and EMC Creator 10. Poked around a lot on the web site, tried the search, but ... nothing. If it is there, it isn't easy to find. Thanks again.
  5. For a person who is pretty savvy about Roxio products and software in general, I am clueless about why "Creator 9" if offered as the latest and greatest by Roxio. What happened to Easy Media Creator 10, and what is the difference between these two products? I am especially interested to find nobody else asking this question. What am I missing here?