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    Still Doesn't Launch

    After first few times of getting "Unknown Error" after several attempts to launch Sonic Record Now, i came back a few days later and tried again after several reboots. Burned 1 or 2 CD's and then the error reappeared. A Roxio forum solution took me to running a patch and when that didn't work, I opted for the manual registry deletions listed here: Delete this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sonic\MediaHub\Launchers\{E64D0384-2CBC-4831-9853-DDCB67591FEF} Delete this registry value: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sonic\MediaHub\Plugins] "{E64D0384-2CBC-4831-9853-DDCB67591FEF}"="WMP" ==================================================================== After those deletions + a reboot, Unknown Error still pops up preventing the program to launch. The program "Sonic Record Now" came pre-installed with the WinXP I'm running. At the moment have no access to the version # as right clicking reveals 3 tabs with no version # info. The Help/About is beyond the "splash" screen which is all I get. IF ANYONE can help, please get in touch. I'm on twitter as www.twitter.com/edovett & thanks a million! :-)