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  1. I have been using Creator editions since the second version of "Easy." I thought that NXT Pro 4 was bad, but at least I could edit video. With NXT Pro 5, I cannot find a way to do so. I got used to VideoWave. If there is a way to get to VideoWave that works like it did in NXT 3, please tell me how. I am very glad that I kept my NXT installation disks!
  2. NXT 3 Pro After editing an MP4 video clip of LESS THAN 18KB, upon trying to output it, I get the VW Error box, with the topic title wording. The C: drive has 124 GB free, the D:(which is my main drive) has 3.45 TB free, and the external drive containing the clip, and to which I try to output it, has 930GB free. I cannot think of a valid reason for the error message. "Very low disk space" makes no sense to me. I have discovered no way to fix it.
  3. I was a professional computer programmer for 20 years, long ago, starting with absolute octal machine code, not assembly language or compiler language. We could not use symbols for operation (commands), operands, or memory locations, but had to specify absolute memory addresses and octal codes for ooperations. So we felt as if we were performing the operations ourselves, simply using the computer, almost like a big calculator, to carry out our (often brilliant) creativity. My PhD dissertation was on Artificial Intelligence, but I never lost the feeling that it was I who was carrying out the operations the computer was performing. Any intelligence that a computer appears to have is that of a programmer or programming team. Computer programmers bear a responsibility to know what they are doing, and if they create well, they should know how they got to a particular place in their program. It is 100% useless to the user for the programmer to put up an error message "8004520c" and when we click on details to get no information. The programmers who worked on the rendering engine should know why they put up that error message. I have seen in this forum that even the most sophisticated replies do not pin down the actual reason(s) for the error, but seem to offer several theories. I am quite sorry that Corel/Roxio no longer offer email support. If they would assure me that they knew the answers to some of my questions and would give them to me, I would give them the money they ask for. But I believe they would take my money and leave me without satisfaction. I doubt that they are empowered to go to the original programmers and get the true answers, but would tell me only some things to try. An unrelated gripe is that VW too often goes into an apphang, greying out the window, with no explanation. Have any of you highly experienced members of the user community managed to learn, in terms a computer programmer would understand, what actually leads to that error message?
  4. This has happened with many editions of Roxio, but only with some files. I have three cameras that capture video, but I do not associate the problem with any specific camera, though I may be mistaken. Latest instance: a clip shot with a standard def JVC camcorder; an MOD file. When I play this MOD file with Windows Media Player, the sound is 100% good. I open Videowave -- Videowave15.exe in this case -- and with media selector bring in that MOD file, and play the clip. The video is 100% good, but the audio is not. I have "experimented" with using Any Video Converter to process the clip just to convert the MOD file to other formats, such as m2ts and mpeg2. These converted files play OK with WMPlayer, but not when I bring them into VideoWave, then hit the play arrow. However, and this is astonishing to me, if I hit the TRIM button and then the play arrow, the audio is 100% good. This difference between playing the clip in the storyline and playing it in the Video Trimmer may provide a clue to those who understand audio codecs. I know nothing about Codecs except that they exist, and in my ignorance wonder if my issue has anything to do with such functionality. test clip.mpg
  5. I did the Gspot thing, and nothing appears amiss. How do I create a "short clip of the mod file before do anything with it?" And then how do I identiify it as coming from me if I upload it via the YAA.IM link?
  6. By the way, I get hundreds of hits when I search my C: drive for "codec" which hints at the possibilities for complexity.
  7. That attached clip was trimmed in VideoWave to be short enough to be smaller than the attachment limit, but is an actual piece of the MOD file that would not play audio properly from the Storyline, but OK in the Video Trimmer window. If you had no such issue, then the difference might lie with the audio utilities on the computer I am using. This would make the problem very hard for me to troubleshoot, but in my ignorance of the technicalities I would suspect that it had something to do with different codec utilities being employed in playing in the storyline and in Video Trimmer. I cannot get a good MyDvD as it is now, when I try to include the clip. No use trying unless and until I can get VideoWave to play the audio properly. My suspicion is that my problem lies in audio utilities on this particular computer. How might I go about troubleshooting along that line of inquiry?
  8. This is a workflow issue. If I select "rip CDs" and point to a specific destination folder on hard drive, I see that the resulting MP3 files, for successive discs, have duplicate names as far as the first seven characters. E.g., after ripping the first two disks, the names of the first two mp3 files are" 01 - 01_Penguin . . . " and "01 - 01_It happened . . . " The whole names of the chapters are unique, but they cannot be sorted in correct order by any technique. They could be reordered manually, of course, but the workflow would be horrible. It would be possible, very tediously, to rename all of the 157 tracks after they have been converted to MP3 on the hard drive, so that they would sort correctly, before burning to an optical disk or transferring to an ipod. This would require noting the origical chapter names of all 157 chapters, setting up a renaming scheme that would have to be performed manually. Or so it seems to me. I may be overlooking some simple process for having the 157 chapters on 12 discs rip in a way that would correctly order them onto the hard drive.? For a single music CD, the workflow would be manageable,but for 12 discs with 13 "cda" files each, it is too much for me. Because many people might want to convert a multidisc audio book to a single disc MP3 CD, or an ipod, there may be a simple workflow process already available. But I do not know about it. What solutions are there?
  9. I presumed, incorrectly, that the listing of my hardware and software at the bottom of my post would be enough to reveal "NXT Pro" as my version. Actually is it NXT Pro 2. I must have forgotten how to revise that listing, and even though it is off-topic, I could use baby-step instructions on how to do so. I have begun using "batch convert and save." Probably because the commercial audiobooks place track numbers as part of each track name, as the first three characters -- or at least in the one I am dealing with -- There are still some file name changes I need to make. I have a utility that can batch rename, and it seems that I cannot avoid manual--although batch-- renaming, to allow sorting in correct order. But because many people would want to achieve converting bunch of audiobook discs to a single MP3 disc, I thought that there would be a really simple workflow. Perhaps there is a way to inhibit the "01_" and "02_" etc from being placed at the front of each track name for each track file. I must be missing something. Attached is a Windows Explorer listing. Never mind the discs that I have not finished redoing, because I misapplied batch renaming on them bully Pulpit.pdf
  10. Please point me to tutorials for using bundled apps that came with NXT Pro 2 to reduce wind noise. Thank you
  11. Lynn Lynn

    Wind Noise. I Have Nxt Pro 2

    Although the Creator programs do not necesarily get better with each new version, I have been buying them as a habit. I give my older ones to one relative or another. So which version is likely to have been bundled with the best Sound Soap?
  12. Got error code 800700e encoding three slideshows for a DVD. I experimented by deleting one of them, but same error code. I always use the "Save disk image" (iso) functionality, because I do not want to waste blank DVDs in case of any errors. I experimented by deleting all but a single slideshow, but got same error code. The preview for all three experiments was perfect. What actually causes this error code? How do I get around it?
  13. Lynn Lynn

    Error 800700E Mydvd Encoding

    I have read the KB on 800700e, which has no solution for me in my case. My drivers are up to date. I have created several dozens of playable DVDs in the past, including the very recent past. The most recent success -- last week -- has four titles on the opening screen; two videos and two slide shows. I have tried switching between software and hardware rendering. I have tried enabling and disabling "enable Intel enhanced for core . . . " I have tried both ways for "Roxio AVC smartencode" That totals 8 different combinations, so maybe I have not tried all eight yet. $25 would be quite acceptable if a Corel tech support person could actually solve the problem. I miss the "free" email support, which was often helpful. Is there any reason to believe that if i pay $25, I will get a solution from Corel?
  14. Lynn Lynn

    How To Search Previous Posts?

    I fail to see how to enter terms into a search field to find previous posts of questions and answers associated with specific terms. I seem to remember that I used to be able to do this.
  15. Lynn Lynn

    Error 800700E Mydvd Encoding

    Thank you for the link. As it happens, I had found it in my search for that error code. I was a computer programmer for nearly 20 years, and I believe that when a programmer, by any means, returns an error code, he should offer some way to get as much information about how he got there as is possible. Can anyone tell me how to find out what actually what leads to the error code. As an experienced former programmer, I am totally deterministic. My PhD dissertation title has that word in it. Haphazard events are the exception in digital computers. So I am disappointed that there is no easy way for users to learn what actually lead to the error code. All my drivers are up to date. When I select "software" rendering and then check "Graphics Test" then program resets rendering to "Hardware." This implies that the programmer assesses that Hardware rendering is appropriate for this particular computer. Is that not a logical conclusion? Where can I obtain information, in great detail, about the differences between the two rendering modes?
  16. Lynn Lynn

    Error 800700E Mydvd Encoding

    My comment on the KB article, which is meant to give the user some things to do in hopes of getting around the issue, is that it does not give the fundamental reason for the 800700e. I was a computer programmer for nearly 20 years. The programmer should have a good idea why he issued the error code, in most cases. It could be instructive for some users to know the actual reason. Swapping between rendering modes without having any idea why is not satisfying for those trained in scientific disciplines. I note that when I check Software and then Graphics Test, the program itself pops back to Hardware. Does that have significance? I am permitted to guess that the programmer has learned which mode works best as a result of the test. Where can I find an in-depth explanation of the differences between the two modes of rendering?
  17. Lynn Lynn

    How To Search Previous Posts?

    I have not been able to find a search field. Where is it located?
  18. Lynn Lynn

    How Do I Update My Profile?

    I now use Creator NXT Pro 2. It may not make a difference in general, but sometimes it may inform would-be answerers in cases where different versions may function differently.
  19. On advice of a couple of Win 7 forum posters, I turned on the driver verifier, and the BSODs pointed the finger at PxH1pa64.sys, which the posters told me was part of the Roxio app. First of all, is this true? Second, would it be advisable to do a Revo deep uninstall of C2012 Pro and then reinstall? Woul I run into install key problems, if reinstalled on the same computer? I do not think so, but I wish to check beforehand to be certain. PxH1pa64--sys.txt
  20. I must have known how to do it once, because there it is, below whatever I post. But since I created it, I have updated to NXT Pro. The appendage mislead a responder today, because he assumed naturally that my current Creator bundle did not include a certain app, namely Izotope. By appendage, I mean the list of hardware and software.
  21. Using various previous editions of Roxio, have edited more than a hundred clips. With VW13, I have edited and rendered several dozens, with good results. But recently, after editing an mp4, I tried "export" , declined save production, and selected mpeg 2 for DVD best quality. Every time I tried rendering this edited file, got the error message Unable to build the render graph Is it known exactly what specific set of conditions bring about this error message? Is there a workaround?
  22. Though I may be mistaken about this, I think that I remember that even after Roxio was taken over by Corel, we had the possibility of posting questions via a "ticket" system. Now I see no way to post a question to the entity that owns the Roxio application. Most likely the best way to get answers is to use the forum-discussion group route. Does the owner of the Roxio app provide no tech support at all, after 14 days?
  23. I created a couple of mp3 files using the Roxio Video Capture gizmo with the UB318-E lettering on the back, and identified as a USB 2861 device in the "Digitize LPs and Tapes" application. The source was a cassette tape of a child's singing talent show performance. On the Sound Editor workspace, there is a visual representation of the waveform. When I play a file in Sound Editor, I hear pops at those points where there is a very slender spike in the visual display. Where I hear a pop, there is a spike; 1-to-1 correspondance. I performed the steps that I believed would remove those pops. I selected "Clean" and set the DECLICKER and DECRACKLER at 90%. Returning to the main Sound Editor workspace, there appeared a "clean" buttom below the waveforms. Clicking on it selected the entire waveform. I saw no button that seemed to be a start, go, or begin button just for the cleaning process, but there was a right-pointing arrowhead standing for PLAY. After the cursor had moved across the entire waveform, I exported the clip using a different filename. I expected upon playing the new mp3 file to hear no pops, but they were still there. Bringing up this file in Sound Editor, the waveform displayed the same spikes=pops. It was easy to trim off the leadin and leadout portions of the performance using Sound Editor, and the resulting mp3 file was as I expected in that regard. Either setting DECLICKER and DECRACKLER at 90% does not remove pops, or I do not know how to use Sound Editor to accomplish what needs to be done. I use Photoshop Elements nearly every day, using tools such as the eraser and the "spot healing brush." It occured to me that it would be very convenient if I could just use a tool to go into the mp3 file waveform and erase those spikes that are visually so obvious. Is it not possible to remove those spikes=pops using Sound Editor? If it is possible, exactly what are the baby steps I must take to achieve a pop-free mp3 file?
  24. Our local volunteer community choir is planning a concert this coming May, featuring songs from Disney movies. My wife and I plan to audition a medley from Snow White, the 1937 animated film, since reissued on DVD. It would be convenient if I could rip that two-song medley from the DVD, for simpler playback; simpler than putting the DVD into a player and playing it on our TV. I am not trying to pirate anything, just wanting to have something convenient to rehearse with for our audition. Can I get this done with NXT Pro? (A brute force thing to do would be to play that portion of the DVD on our TV and video it with a camcorder, and I could rip the audio from the camcorder-produced MTS file, using VW, but I am looking for a more elegant solution.)
  25. I would buy the NXT Pro for no other reason than to experience the elimination or significant reduction of the frequent hangs and "not responding", etc. I have a fairly fast computer; "Windows experience index" scores from 5,9 (hard drive) to 7.5. VW13 hangs approx once per session, with "not responding" nor simply crashes. Then I start all over, having lost my editing work. Have the early adopters of NXT noticed any changesn or differences between NXT and C2012 Pro in this regard? Speccy-2.txt