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    Toast 16 - Toast 15 With 1 New Feature And Bugs

    Hi, Last week i purchased Toast 16 Pro and i didn't recive any serial number for WinZip... And a last question, where is it the app ( WinZip )? i look for the app at the Pro apps folder but i didn't find it. Best regards.
  2. Thank you very much for that solution, worked fine. Best regards
  3. Same problem here i can't update to 11.1 (1071). This is unacceptable... Regards.
  4. Rammper

    Broken Menu In German 11.0.1

    Hi, Same problem with the Spanish version Best regards
  5. Rammper

    Toast 10.7 Pre-Release Message

    Hi, I'm getting the same message...
  6. Rammper

    Problem With Toast 10 Downloadable

    Hi, As i said Roxio refunded my first purchase. I repurchased again and all was Ok. What happens with my money charged the first time? it wil be returned? I checked my PayPal account and i have paid twice. Regards.
  7. Rammper

    Problem With Toast 10 Downloadable

    Hi, Problem solved. Roxio refunded my purchase then i repurchased it again and all is OK Regards.
  8. Rammper

    Problem With Toast 10 Downloadable

    Same here.
  9. Rammper

    When Can I Dl Toast 10 Pro?

    I have the same problem,i bought Toast 10 Pro but the download link is for Toast 9!!