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    Spanning Disc Image

    I am trying to archive a backup disk image of my system. I have already created the disk image with a cloning utility. Because of the system size, the disk image requires multiple DVDs to burn. I have tried burning using the span disc option, but each time halfway through the verification process I get an error message like "sector 1445312 unreadable" and Toast spits out the disk and requests a new disk to start writing disc one all over again. I have done this three times and each time the verification has failed at the same point. The disk image is good because I have used it to restore the system via Disk Utility, mounted and tested it as an operable system. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this or what to do to correct it? I am attempting this burn in Leopard. Would another operating system be a better one to try? Thank you for any and all assistance. UPDATE: I discovered that the erroring out was caused by the optical drive. I managed to get the file spanned using another computer/optical drive. HOWEVER, after restoring the spanned image and attempting to mount it as a test, it failed repeatedly. This MUST be something that Toast is doing or leaving out of the file since I have already mounted the unspanned, un-Toast-ed disk image using Leopard's disk utility. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  2. katzPajamaz

    Error Message: Data Fork -5000

    I am attempting to backup a volume (my PowerBook clone) on an external LaCie hard drive prior to burning a new clone (I want to save the old as a backup). I have done this before without any problem but now the disks are failing at the final disk with an error message that some "visudo" file could not be accessed and with error message "data fork -5000" and that I do not have sufficient permissions. Although I have total access to the LaCie as administrator (and sole user of computer and external hard drive), I have the box checked to "ignore ownership permissions." Without that box checked, Toast will not burn any disks. I am using a PowerBook G4 running OS X 10.3.9, and using Toast 7.1.3. Does anyone have any idea why Toast is not ignoring ownership, or why it burns to the final disk and then fails? All other disks burn and mount, except that final disk.
  3. katzPajamaz

    No Eject

    Thank you for your assistance. You are so helpful! I don't know why I never remember to use disk utility to eject a disk. I checked my settings but could find nothing there which should have been causing conflict. I still don't know what was causing it to freeze but found a way around it: in the record submenu (where speed is set), in the advanced tab, there is an option to tell Toast what to do after burn. One of the options is to eject the disk after the burn. I changed that setting, and everything just pops out as it should. This is a separate eject function from the one that should occur automatically. As I say, it would complete burn and verification and then a menu came up that gave a choice to eject or cancel but the eject button would not work. But, the workaround was clearly to set the default to deject after burn. Thanks, again!
  4. katzPajamaz

    No Eject

    I am running OS 10.3.9 on a PowerBook G4. Toast is updated to 7.1.3. I'm trying to back up my hard drive using the disk spanning option for the first time. The burn begins, and completes, and a message then states that I need to insert the next disk but when I click on the eject option, nothing happens. I've left it alone after clicking the eject button for as long as 15 minutes, but still nothing. Toast appears to seize up and the only way to get out of it is to do a force quit (Cmd-Alt-Esc), which, naturally, cancels the burning sequence and the whole thing has to be started all over, with exactly the same result the next time. Does anyone know what's causing Toast 7.1.3 to refuse to eject the disk and freeze up? Thank you for your help.