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  1. malcinblue

    Dvd Playback

    The movies are probably an hour and a half to two hours normally and I burn to single layer disks. I use VLC on my pc and the problem doesn't occur on the PC. It's only on certain DVD players. Would it be better to burn to 8gb disks?
  2. malcinblue

    Dvd Playback

    I burn a typical 750mb (approx) avi movie file to dvd using the Create DVD feature in Roxio 2011. I have no problems setting up the menu etc. I drag and drop the file to the menu interface and it burns to disk without any fuss. The problem occurs when playing back on a dvd player, after around 45 minutes the movie stops. You have to press pause and then play to restart the movie. This only lasts around 5 minutes before you have to repeat the process. I am using pretty standard 4.3gb disks. Any help will be appreciated, is this a common issue? Finally if I try to burn without the menu, the program crashes.
  3. malcinblue

    mpeg and music

    I want to create a cd that auto plays in a cd player with audio tracks and with an mpeg movie which will auto play on a dvd player or computer. which is the best module to use for this on EMC9.
  4. malcinblue

    OK Button in Label creator

    Thanks for that Jean. I have read the thread and I seem to have the same problem. My printer is an Epson and it is listed in the Printer Settings drop down menu. You can print out a test page in the Properties section but the Print Test Page and Calibrate buttons are also greyed out.
  5. malcinblue

    OK Button in Label creator

    the OK button is greyed out when I want to print out a label. everythings goes fine up to this point. any ideas. my printer works fine with other programs.
  6. malcinblue

    Cut Lines

    I guessed these guys were voluntary, thank goodness for people like these. I have to say that the simple tip did indeed work and solved my problem. There are some issues in EMC 8 but slowly if you stick at it you get used to them although I fear that the basic program has suffered somewhat with the so called improvements. I enjoyed the simplicity of easy cd 5 and just as I get used to that version, along comes another one which you have to learn all over again. Then another just like ground hog day. Is that progress?
  7. malcinblue

    Cut Lines

    thanks grandpabruce, that saves me printing out the manual... and pcostanza - cheers mate, yours it a bit doody too!
  8. malcinblue

    Cut Lines

    How do I set the booklet to show and print outline cut guides - I know it's probably simple but often it's the simple things we seem to miss....