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  1. I have used Videolan / VLC to convert Quicktime videos into MP4 videos to include them in a production with other MP4 videos but then there is the video but no sound. When I individually play them using Windows Media Player etc.there is sound ! Any suggestions please ?
  2. Trevconda1

    NXT6 Videowave Production - no sound

    Brendon - worked a treat, my wife is now the proud owner of a DVD of her friends wishing her a Happy Birthday. Thank you for your help !
  3. Trevconda1

    NXT6 MyDVD video orientation

    I started it in MyDVD thinking, naively, that is where I should start ! Thank you for quick and very helpful response, I shall now use Videowave via the Edit Video - Advanced option. Thank you !
  4. Trevconda1

    NXT6 MyDVD video orientation

    I am trying to burn a DVD using a number of MP4 video files, some are landscape and some are in portrait format. When playing the DVD the portrait videos are at 90 degrees which makes viewing somewhat uncomfortable. How can I get the DVD burnt with the correct orientation ? I'm using NXT6 Pro and Windows 10 PC..
  5. James - any chance you can shed some light on my EMC10 label printing problem ?! Would be much appreciated Thanks ! trevconda

  6. How do I get the artist's name to appear against each track on the label ? I do a lot of compilation audio CD's and therefore want the artist for each track to appear on the list of tracks - at the moment I have to add the artist's name by editing each track title ! Help please ! I've had a chat with the on-line help and they say that EMC only picks up the track information from the Gracenote Media Database (CDDB) but if it is not part of a recognised released CD (eg my compilation) it won't recognise it. In any case it doesn't list individual artists for each track. Aaaagh !