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  1. outerbank

    Blank Frames

    The reason for asking about what constitutes "huge photos" is that the descriptions were rather vague until Brendon provided his post. I Have never encountered blank panels when creating slide shows in Videowave. Many of the digital images that have been used are in the range of about 4900 x 3300 pixels in size @ 350 dpi resolution. Any number of these digital images have been edited in some manner, some extensively, but none have ever caused a blank panel.
  2. outerbank

    Blank Frames

    I would like to jump in at this point with a question regarding the reference to large source photos or file size. What is considered photo source size and file size? Is this a reference to pixel size or the actual physical size of the photo? What is really a huge size?
  3. outerbank

    Nz Earthquake

    Good to learn that you are safe. Seems that the quake also caused a tsunami.
  4. outerbank

    Changing Slideshow Photo Duration In Videowave

    Another way to lengthen (or shorten) the duration of each image is to click on File in the upper left corner of VideoWave. This opens a window where Production Settings is clicked on. This opens another window. This window offers the ability to adjust the duration (in seconds)of each image throughout the production by clicking on either the Plus or Minus buttons. You can achieve a very close match between the length of the audio and images using this method. If after performing this adjustment the match is close but not perfect, that's when I would use the "Fit Video to Audio" as suggested. There are occasions when the mismatch between the length of video and length of audio is too great for "Fit Video to Audio" to work. At least that has been my experience.
  5. Not sure Roxio Creator SE can be considered an OEM piece of software. Roxio Creator SE was offered for sale at computer software stores. I can confirm that it was because that's how I obtained my copy. The SE, or Special Edition was not a reference to it being an OEM piece of software, rather it referred to the USB analog audio/video conversion device that was included in the software package.
  6. outerbank

    Windows Update

    Finally got through downloading and installing the 34 updates. Did it in multiples of 9 or so updates at a time. The average time required to complete each download and install was slightly over 3 hours per session. The overall process took more time because each update was scrutinized to avoid downloading and installing updates related to configuring the computer for updating to Win 10. I've read that in some instances a computer was automatically converted to Win 10 without the knowledge or approval of the owner. In fact, in one report the owner sued Microsoft for $10,000, and in this instance Microsoft decided not to fight and just pay the money to the litigant. If anyone wants to avoid updating to Win 10 there is a application called Never10 that can be downloaded and installed that prevents a conversion. When it is run a window appears indicating if your computer has the KB update that accommodates Win 10, it will then show a button for disabling Win 10. If at a later date you wish to convert to Win 10, the app is run again upon which the enable button is activated. Hence, the app should be downloaded and installed where it can be easily found. Having stated that for the foreseeable future I'm not interested in converting to Win 10, of the Gurus that use Win 10, what has been your experience? Is it user friendly? Do you like it?
  7. outerbank

    Windows Update

    Sorry about the link in my post. It worked when it was tried with Google. deweywright's link works. It seems like an informative Windows website. I've clicked on previous articles within this website and learned more info about MS updates than what MS provides, including those KB updates related to upgrading to Win 10. Now that this website has been found, I am going to continue to follow it closely.
  8. outerbank

    Windows Update

    Here is an interesting article about MS updates related to Win 7 at www.infoworld.com/Article/3055885,
  9. outerbank

    Windows Update

    My computer was set to check for updates and ran for 6 hours before the list of updates appeared. That was yesterday. Nine updates were selected out of the 30 updates available for download and install. The computer has been on downloading updates for a little over an hour this morning. Thus far it shows zero updates downloaded. There must be a problem with MS update, not users computers.
  10. outerbank

    Windows Update

    Here's the latest on downloading and installing updates. Selected one update to download and install. It was a cumulative IE 11 update. I didn't sit in front of the laptop while it was in the process of downloading and installing. As best I can determine it took about 15 minutes to complete the process. At this rate, it might take a week to complete all the 40 updates that were found. UGGH! I may just not go through the download and install process after determining if the updates are absolutely necessary. It does make one wonder if indeed Microsoft is purposefully screwing with the download and updating process. It's quite evident that they want to move as many Windows users as possible to Win 10. I am quite reluctant based on the numerous negative comments about the slimmed down NXT4, which would have to be installed when using Win 10. I'm quite happy with Creator 2011.
  11. outerbank

    Windows Update

    The laptop computer finally finished searching for updates and found 40 recommended and 8 optional, some going back to February 2015. Compared these recently found updates to the updates currently installed on the laptop to determine if any are duplicates. None are. My practice is to only install updates that seem necessary, and I've avoided updates related to upgrading to Win 10, but it's surprising how many have been missed. Several are related to Net Framework updates, and 14 are security related. Now I've encountered a problem with installing those updates. After selecting just a few of the updates to install and then clicking on the install button, install just runs and runs without completing any install. Will make another attempt this morning and just let the computer run for awhile.
  12. outerbank

    Windows Update

    The strange thing about the inability to search for and download updates on the laptop, is that the desktop computer which also has a Win 7 OS doesn't appear to have the same problem. Some of the posters to the Windows Seven forum believe that MS is purposefully not doing anything to correct the problem. They believe that MS wants to force users into Win 10. Judging by the date of the first posting to the forum, the problem has been around for a lengthy time. Viewing the updates that have successfully downloaded and installed on my laptop, the problem first occurred in June of this year. That's the last month of successful downloads and installs of updates on the laptop. Since then the search for updates did find updates, but apparently failed to install after they were downloaded and installation was attempted. Now the laptop gets stuck at the search function and never finds them, even though I know there are updates. I have tried several of the suggested cures that appear on the Win 7 forum. None have worked thus far. Even the MS Mr. Fixit didn't solve the problem.
  13. outerbank

    Windows Update

    Anyone experiencing a problem with MS updates? For some reason my laptop runs continuously searching for updates and never stops. Cannot download any MS updates. The website Windows Seven forum has a lengthy discussion about this problem with numerous solutions.
  14. Have gotten help in the recent past for Capture Video and the program has worked successfully. However, there appears to be something within my operating system that is at times preventing Capture Video from opening. The cure thus far has been to perform the "repair" procedure. Here's what occurs. Creator 2011 home page is opened. The Video Capture button is clicked and the operating window opens, but without any of the details. That is, it is just the frame that appears where the right half the space that is normally devoted to the just captured videos typically appear, and the left half of the frame where the viewing screen, capture device and Capture/Stop Capture radio button normally appear. The program remains stuck in this position, while the hourglass just sets there. I have left it in this state for extended periods of time waiting for it to open successfully. At times is does eventually open. At other times it doesn't. Doing a repair solves the problem, and is of course a pain in the you know what. There are other times when the program doesn't hang. Once the program opens it operates without any problems. Here's what the Event Viewer indicates: AppHang Event: 1002 Stopped interfacing with Windows, Process ID:930 Application Path C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio 2011\Media Import\Media Capture.13.exe Report ID: bc648002-1604-11e6-8305-00270e0ee901 Any help would be appreciated.
  15. outerbank

    Removing Section Of Video

    It isn't worth the time to make an attempt at explaining what is left behind after deleting the segment of the video. The bottom line is that the segment has been successfully removed. Whatever is left behind it doesn't affect the appearance of the video at this point and location. I did view that YouTube video. It's okay as far as it goes. Would be better if it was more in-depth.