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    Blu-ray Content Burned To Dvd Media

    FWIW to anyone else who may have this issue, I just updated the firmware on my player to the 12.24.08 release and now ever disc I burned plays! There are some aliasing and compression issues, but I don't think it has anything to do with Toast.
  2. I'm posting here to see if anyone else is experiencing this: I can't get HD content burned to DVD media to play back on my Memorext BD2510 C Blu-ray player. My HD content originates from Final Cut Pro as a 720p Quicktime file (DVCProHD). I'm burning a single 4 minute video file with no menu authored as such in Adobe Encore. I've tried authoring a disc in Encore, and creating both a disc image and Blu-ray folder, then burning both with Toast to no avail. I've also tried importing the QT file directly into Toast and using the Blu-ray Video menu option to burn a disc. All attempts end in virtually the same result. The Memorex player recognizes the disc as "BD-ROM". Sometimes it gets stuck there. On other attempts it seems to begin to play, but the counter doesn't move past 00:00:00 and the screen stays black.