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    What happens after trashing the pref file and re-launch? can you provide more detail description?
  2. the original folder you are using for storing the transfer is probably not the default folder, to find this, you can restore the old plist file you trashed, then open tivo transfer, go to its preference settings, find where it it. after that, remove the old one again, then set the folder in tivo transfer preference to the original folder you used.
  3. This is probably because the folder for storing your transferred tivo recordings has been restored to the default folder ~/Documents/TiVo Recordings, you can change the folder back to your original one via preference pane. Hope that helps.
  4. after reading all of the posts here, most of the problems are the beta application can not get the show list from your one or more tivo device. The problem will be fixed in the later release. now for the beta2 version, there is a temporary workaround for you guys ( it works most of the time ) 1 ,go to ~/Library/Preferences folder, trash or rename com.tivo.desktop.plist file, this will reset the settings of tivo transfer, won't do anything about your tivo files. 2, reopen the application, the preference window will pop up, asking for media access key, enter it. and you are ready to go. now your tivo recordings should be seen. if you still has no luck after steps above, please reply below.