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    Playback Issues

    Ok well i will see about getting the lastest version and hopefully burning will be easier and much less painful.
  2. lloggs

    Playback Issues

    Yes that's right it does include encoding time. Yeah it is being compressed i think it goes down in quality to a Long Play version? Maybe i should buy some bigger DVD's. So will the full retail version fix all of my problems cause i'd be more then happy to buy it but i don't want to buy if it is not going to help!!
  3. lloggs

    Playback Issues

    Hi I am using the Easy Media Creator 9 version that came with my computer and i'm having all sorts of issues. 1. I burnt a movie dvd and the picture is perfect but it doesn't have any sound it is an AC3 audio file which from what i've read this Roxio version doesn't handle and makes the dvd silent? Can anyone help me get around this or do i need to convert the audio file? 2. I burnt another movie dvd and the picture is perfect again but it lags the audio. It is an MPEG audio file the dvd's are DIVX movies i'm not sure why it is lagging...... 3. I burnt another movie dvd and right at the end of the burning it came up with an error i think it said that it couldn't burn the image or something like that, it went through all the encoding of the movie and the menu and it looked like it had finished but it just didn't work. Another issue is the speed of the burning process, for a 2 hour movie it takes about 7-8 hours to burn at 4x (the max) is this normal? Please help i'm at my wits end!!