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    Toast 8.0.4 Burn Status Screen Goes Blank

    Deleting the prefs appears to make no difference. I have no need to burn a disc yet, but the About dlg is still blank after deleting the prefs.
  2. rpatters1

    Toast 8.0.4 Burn Status Screen Goes Blank

    Up until very recently I was using Toast 8.0.4 without issues. But today when I went to use it again, I am having some display issues. When I click the "record" button, after inserting the blank disc and waiting for the drive to recognize it, Toast (as always) shrinks the window down to a much smaller status window that is supposed to show the time taken and remaining for the burn. However, in my case the status shows briefly then the window turns blank. I am having a similar problem with the "About Toast" dialog box. It displays as completely blank. The only thing I can think of that might be affecting this is that since the last time I used Toast I believe I accepted the Apple Software Update push of Leopard 10.5.6. Has anyone else seen this symptom that has a better explanation? And even better, a solution? Thanks