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  1. I hope Roxio can come up with a fix fairly quickly. Even though they are rapidly becoming a legacy system, HDV camcorders are still widely used in Pro and Prosumer cameras, as well as many consumer camcorders. And the majority of video editing programs - PC or Mac - enable capture from HDV camcorders. While I won't be using Toast for final editing, I hoped that it would let me do a "quick and dirty" conversion to BD-5 DVDs to see how suitable a particular conversion would be. Thx. Rick
  2. Hi Gaper1. I tried your suggestion of setting i.link to HDV>DV mode and Toast recognized the camera. However, in the Conv mode the Sony downconverted the picture to 720 X 480 for its output, which is much less than the 1440 X 1080 the camera records at ('tho the output is 1920 X 1080). The resulting picture on a BD5 is BR in format but unusable because the picture is vertically jerky and temporally uneven having gone through 2 conversions. So, I guess I'm still stuck at not being able to copy a digital HD signal from my camcorder, which is quite a disappointment, since my Apple programs and ones on the PC side work perfectly. I guess I'll have to submit a trouble ticket and see what happens. Thx for trying to help. Rick
  3. I tried setting to regular DVD on the video import screen but the camcorders still weren't recognized. I have no idea what the problem is. The manual seems pretty clear about what should happen at p. 102, steps 2 through 4: 2 Connect your DV camcorder to your computer via a Firewire cable and set it to playback (VCR) mode. In a few seconds, a camcorder icon appears in the Content Area. 3 Use the camera controls next to the camcorder icon to fast-forward or rewind to the point where you want to begin importing. If you want to import from the beginning of the tape, skip this step. 4 Click Import. But, nothing happens. Thx. Rick
  4. I have two HDV camcorders, a Sony HDR-HC3 and a Sony HDR-FX1. As I mentioned, they both are recognized by Apple video programs but not by Toast 10. I have the HD plugin for Toast installed. It would be inconvenient for what I'm doing but if I can save a full, uncompressed HD output file from the iMove / Final Cut programs that Toast 10 can read, that would be a temporary workaround I could live with. Thanks. Rick
  5. Hi Steve. Yes, I'm relatively new to a Mac, so please bear with my misunderstandings. Any suggestions appreciated. Pps. 102 and 103 of the manual seem to say that you can connect a camcorder via firewire and both control the camcorder and capture from it, either as a direct burn to disk or to save files for later use. Toast did not recognize my camcorder when I conected it, so I can do neither. With either iMovie or Final Cut Express I haven't found how to save an HD movie imported from a camcorder to a non-compressed HD file on disk, one that can be used with Toast. All I can find that maintains HD resolution and properties is to write the edited movie back to a camcorder. The main reason I purchased Toast with the HD plugin was to be able to save HD movies from my camcorder to a BR spec BD5 or BD9 standard DVD. That, plus staying within a single program, is why I want to import directly from a camcorder. Rick
  6. I have 2 Sony HDV HD camcorders. I connect them to the computer using firewire. Neither camcorder is recognized by Mac Toast 10 when I try to capture video from them. The import screen does not change to show a connected camcorder. Both camcorders - using the same firewire cable(s) - are recognized by the Mac for both iMovie and Final Cut 4, so neither the camcorders, the cable, nor the Macbookpro seem to be at fault. Has anyone else encountered this. If so, is there a solution you can pass on? Thanks. Rick Edit Moved to the mac forum (was in EMC 10).
  7. cpto

    Can Not Register Toast 10

    I received a CD from Roxio with an identical serial key both on the disk and on the package. But -- when I try to enter the code, a couple of screens later I get the message "Registration failed due to an unknown error." Not very helpful. Has anyone had this problem and if so, how did you resolve it? Thx. Rick