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    Is Upgrade Policy Reasonable?

    I'm asking this question with as much sincerity as I can muster. I really do want to know if this is an "industry standard" upgrade policy, or just a Roxio one. I purchased Roxio Toast 9 for $99 on Dec. 31st. Shortly thereafter I heard they released version 10. On January 5th I inquired about a free upgrade and was told it was $30. I do feel like I've been cheated but perhaps that is unreasonable on my part. Perhaps this is an industry standard customer "service" method and I should be happy to pay for the upgrade and just look at it as version 10 was $130. Does anyone have an opinion on this? Sorry if this is a duplicate issue, I did try to get in on a thread where someone else had the same issue but it had been locked and I wasn't allowed to reply. Bob bobrodkin@mac.com
  2. Consider yourself lucky. I bought version 9 on December 31st for full price. Even though I asked about version 10 only 5 days later. They're still screwing me for the $30 bucks. Been using Toast since it came to the Apple world ...funny way of saying thank you isn't it.