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    Why Can't Creator Classic Sort Long Filenames?

    well yes i do but that would be in the dos profile.. you know the one that runs the PD-Drive. and that is not on this PC and that comp dosn't get a lot of use any more but still have people who want their data converted to a more recent format (read on they can use) as cartraged pd-disks don't fit in DVD-Ram drives without removing the cartrage.
  2. r_mewhort

    Why Can't Creator Classic Sort Long Filenames?

    When the "system" writes a file that is greater then 8 charicters it will trunchade it to "6 charicters~#" now this is done in the order that they are writen to the disk. if you were to go to a dos interface I suspect (I havn't done this on my own yet) that if you did directory list (dir) you would find that it will list the files in the same order that roxio dose. Now I have used creator since 3.51(F or G) and I am used to the interface and am reasonably happey with the product. I also have 3 or 4 Versions of Nero Basic(from 4 -7), B's recorder gold5 basic, NTI's burning software which I have never used. I have found that the Adaptec / Roxio software has fewer isuess then these others that I have tried (note these software bundles come with the drives I have owned so are basic packages.) I only have 3 full software bundles and the only other package that I had respect after using was B's Gold 5. But becouse I couldn't get it localy in a full version and the basic will not recognize my newest lightscribe burner that is in the system I went back to ezcd. Like you said this is not a problem but an issue I am happy to continue suporting roxio. (note from at least 5 Platnum on the issue exists). As for using microsofts burning plugin I dont have enough faith in microsoft to even try to use it. (yes I know the plugin was origanaly provided by roxio). I have no idea about vista burning as I will not have that program on my comp to damb anoying but I hear that I might be happy with windows 7 we shell see about that (Time will Tell). I am a little sad that you say creator is going the way of the dodo bird as it is the only component that I regularly use ( read daily )I am glad that I didn't try and skip anouther gen of software before getting what ever was released after 2009. Call me stodgy but I don't perticulasrly like having to learn new interfaces as frequently as I do have to. Microsoft dose that to me enough every time they relese a new os. Thanks for your time sorry for the ramble. "Interestingly, from the Home app, Burn Data Disc behaves as expected!" are you saying that this app works properly or like classic. Ray
  3. r_mewhort

    Why Can't Creator Classic Sort Long Filenames?

    Thank you Jim and you are right it is irelivent to the burn. but I was hoping for a solution as if you are using folders. when you enter the folder it will be scrammbled as well. and yes I can use explorer to find the last file on the disk / folder but was trying to minimize steps I have to use. some folders contain more then 1000 files so it is a pain going between software. Thank you for your time. note i'm pretty sure it is aphebeticly sorted but with the short file name not long file names.
  4. r_mewhort

    Why Can't Creator Classic Sort Long Filenames?

    This has been sorted by name after the project has been burned. **note I made these text files in a random order so the 8.3 filename would not match the 0000 number. this is the sort problem I am having.
  5. r_mewhort

    Why Can't Creator Classic Sort Long Filenames?

    Jim I realize that garys picture is from creator classic. I was refering to the uper portion of the clasic interface as the explorer pane not windows explorer. I have to back up backups from a international company that has poor naming conventions. Note that the files are numaricaly coded by date but at the end of the file. And in a single folder it is not a problem as my email or your graphic shows. but as soon as you have to go back inbto subfolders on the project to find the last file so I can start a new set. (after burning the disk the file order gets messed up) as I look in the subfolders for the last backed up file per date. if I go into the Atlanta folder then the Washington folder the sort appers to be done on 8.3 sorting not sorting by long file names. Thank you for your time. Note I made a mistake in my email files are in this format. City_Country_Office_User_Date
  6. r_mewhort

    Why Can't Creator Classic Sort Long Filenames?

    Thanks for the reply Gary Russell Bt this is not the issue. It is not the explorer pane that is the problem it is the project pane that is the issue. I do lots of multi volume disks. I do NOT use roxio for the spaning process as it tends to try to make the best use of the disk and reorganizes the files away from the format that I would like them stored in. I use the project window to find the lasyt file that I added as I will add 1000 files at a tome and then prune them to fit the disk. Note I do 1 disk at a time per project. I don't know if this picture is going through corectly as this site wants a web bases picture. As this is a demonstration of the issue. I would say the project window is sorting from a short filenames. Thank you Ray Note on preview the pic dosn't go through. email me and I will send you the pic I was trying to attach. Email addy removed Please enter roxio in the subject line
  7. My question is Why Can't creator classic sort long filenames?? When I try to sort a file list in creator clasic that has simalarly long file names creator clasic can NOT sort these files properly. eg. my file is this long 101 my file is this long 102 my file is this long 103 ... ... ... once sorted will come out like this my file is this long 101 my file is this long 103 my file is this long 108 my file is this long 102