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  1. gotart

    live screen capture

    How can I engage system audio? All I have as an option is microphone input. I can hardly hear the sound on mic. input. Where is the pref. for system audio?
  2. gotart

    New Screen Capture W/system Audio

    Can anyone give me an idea as to how good the new screen capture is with system audio. Has anybody used it yet? Roxio has no video samples of this.
  3. gotart

    Live Screen Capture-System Audio?

    Very simply- Does Live Screen Capture- in Toast 14 SUPPORT System Audio (mac audio) NOT just the microphone? It seems in the pdf manual there is no checkbox for it and also I just called pre-sales and they said yes. I downoaded a copy (update version 14.1) and when it unbundled the Live Screen Capture app was the same version number as the one in Toast 12- which DID NOT support system audio. I think Pre-Sales rep was incorrect. So I am appealing to Roxio to answer the query definitively. Thanks
  4. gotart

    Cd Spin-Choppy Wave Form

    I have been using cd spin doctor 4.0.2 for years and decided to use the spin doctor from Toast 10 which is 6.1 or so. Why are my wave forms after capturing analog information choppy looking like bars instead of the usual audio wave form visual reference? I can't even define tracks with the choppy wave forms. They are little bars with spaces with no noticeable changes in the volume/audio feed. Any ideas? I went back to using the cd spin doctor from Toast 8 and I don't have this. Is there a setting I'm missing in the 6.1 spin doctor? If nobody understands this I will post an attachment of what it looks like. Thanks all for the help.
  5. gotart

    Blu-Ray Max Of 25Gb? (Single Layer)

    Bingo- you got it. Just before you answered I lowered the disk to just below 23.89 and it worked fine. That was the answer. Formatting and directory space. Thanks for the help. I did use the disc info and it gave me the clue what to do.
  6. gotart

    Blu-Ray Max Of 25Gb? (Single Layer)

    Well I got my new Pioneer Blu-ray burner and 25GB Blu-ray disks. I filled up the window with 24.89 GB with data but it says I need to span 2 disks before burning. Any idea why? Thanks PS: I have the Blu-ray plug in's for Toast 10 and Toast 11
  7. gotart

    DVD Compilation with menu

    I'm stuck again. I can't figure out what or how to extract the clips that I defined. I have no idea what I did last time to extract those previous clips. I've defined a timeline with the 2 markers and when I hit the extract button it updates the whole VOB folder and clears the markers. Thanks for your help.
  8. gotart

    DVD Compilation with menu

    . New in Toast 10, both an Edit and an Extract button appear next to each title. Clicking the Extract button opens the Toast Video Player where markers can be placed for trimming segments. Then what? Where is it saved? Okl so it says 2 clips- where is it. What do I do next? Thanks I think I got it. Dope slap time. Hit the record button. The button is too big and too Red to notice. heh, heh
  9. gotart

    Extracting Video In Toast 10

    There is no documentation on how to extract video. I have 2 dvd's of old VHS family stuff - I want to combine some clips. I defined a set of clips from one dvd. Now what?- when I hit extract it keeps on updating the video ts folder. NOthing happens-I have to redefine the clips again. What does one do after the clips are defined? Thanks for any help.
  10. gotart

    Toast 10 Delivery Recinded

    Is there something wrong with the recent released version of Toast 10. It was on the UPS truck this morning and Roxio intercepted the delivery and had it sent back to them. Has this happened to anybody else? I purchased it at MacWorld. Thanks to all those who respond.