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    Toast 10 Crashes Before Verification Stage

    This has been happening without fail since I updated to Toast 10, so it happened with late versions of OS 10.5 and continues with 10.6 Toast will burn data, music, movies fine, but always quits just as its going to start verification. It means that my discs do tend to be fine, but I have no idea if they've burnt without errors. This is obviously particularly serious with data backups, but also mean I have to listen or watch through any audio or video discs to check they're OK. I have tried reinstalling Toast several times, and I even had to do a complete system reinstall a few months ago, and the problem was there still. Any ideas what the problem might be? Thanks!
  2. Jack Arnold

    What's New In Toast 10

    Hi there. Has there been any improvement in the disc spanning feature which I know many users have asked for? In Toast 9, I regularly need to span 100GB backups across DVDs and end up wasting loads of them as one fails and the whole batch has to be done again. It would be really useful to be able to 'jump in' to one failed disc and start again from there. If there is no change to this feature, then for me there is no point in upgrading as 9 does all that I want it to. Thanks.