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    Is Toast 10 What I Need?

    Hi, I'm a iMovie fanatic who is looking for a better option to burn my movies onto standard DVD discs and find that Apple's iDVD just isn't getting the job done to my satisfaction. I shoot video on a consumer level HD camera. It looks fantastic on my computer screen after being edited in iMovie. Then, when I burn it through iDVD, and play it on my large screen HD TV, it looks like crap. It loses the brilliant colors, appears faded, blurry, almost a "film" like appearance. So, I'm looking for a product that will allow me to continue to edit in iMovie, but burn onto a standard DVD, so it can be played through family and friend's normal DVD players (not Blue Ray), and onto their large screen HD TV's. Can anyone tell me if I'm barking up the right tree with this product? Will I be able to see my iMovie productions looking better, burned through this product versus iDVD? Thanks so much for any feedback. Todd