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    I Can't Burn A Dvd...

    Turns out it was user error. I was using the "DVD-Video" option and should have used the "Video-TS Folders" option for the type of of source. It appears to be working now. I was able to make a disc image and am halfway through copying from the disc image to a DVD. If I have more problems I will post a followup. Thanks for the response. Scott
  2. ScottR

    I Can't Burn A Dvd...

    I am brand new to Toast. I can burn a DVD fine from iDVD. However, in Toast I get an "Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS Error. Result Code = -39". I get this if I am trying to burn a DVD or saving as a disc image. I am on a PowerMac G4 with 2GB RAM and over 190GB of HD space available. It should be the latest copy of Toast because I downloaded it last night. Any ideas? Thanks, Scott