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    cant burn disk, get Runtime Error

    I am using Roxio Photoshow when I get half way I get a messagesaying runtime error
  2. northernlass

    cant burn disk, get Runtime Error

    I have all my photos ready then when I want to copy it to a disk, the window opens and searches for the burn driver, finds it....then nothing, I got as far as 75 per cent burn the one time, then runtime error, and can somone please tell me why I can only use one music track???
  3. As far as I am aware Nero sold Photoshow to Roxio, Nero used Simple Star for you to purchase extra animations to use in Photoshow, however Roxio, it appears, doesn't deal with Simplestar, therefore any theme packs purchased as I have done, can't be downloaded into the Roxio Photoshow, I agree, Photoshow, 4 and 5, are brilliant programmes but I think the customer has been left in the cold when it comes to merchadise?
  4. northernlass

    Photoshow Problem

    Have you your key-codes? I printed mine off (fortunatley) and then put the following IP address in my toolbar http;ftp4.nero.com/simplestar/kids_theme_pack.exe I have used "kids as a guide, if you have others i.e love, quotes,comic ect; put that in after simplestar/
  5. northernlass


    I have posted quite a few complaints about htis product and if it me as a newbie you may be referring to,and I apologise if it is not, but I have bad issues with the product and does seem a lot of others do too, it most certainly has not stood up to my expectations!
  6. northernlass


    Hello, I've had the same problem,I had printed off my key codes and I have managed to get the clip-art back, if you can get back to me somehow,and tell me what the packs are I may be able to help, I got the eme *Love theme* and the kids and another I am going to put in although I have forgotten which one.
  7. northernlass

    No Tech Support For Roxio? Huh?

    wouldn't bother James, these tickets don't get answered either, I have 6 waiting to be addressed
  8. northernlass

    Photoshow Problem

    I completley sympathise with you , this has happened to me too and as for one of the replies saying "how could you not have had a reply" I have emailed them 4 times and I am still waitng for a response, this is rip-off programme, I have even purchased a MP3 jed in a whole photoshowoiner because the premium subscription which I foolishly bought for its content, only allows ONE track of music to be played in a whole photoshow and I thought by squeezing tracks into one MP3 file it would be like SimpleStar, but it is not, this rip-off software will still only play no more than 2 even with the MP3 joiner, I, too am very angry
  9. northernlass

    Customer Service Tickets

    I have 3 tickets waiting to be addressed, just how long must it take?
  10. northernlass


    you are sooooooooooo right with everything you have said, I have found a way round this annoying "thing" of one track for a full photoshow, I have bought, online, a download called MP3 joiner, what this does is to join all of your music tracks and make the one MP3 file, I know it will be a bit of a problem using a song which you think appropriate for a set of pictures which we could do previous, but it's better than nothing, http://www.pistonsoft.com/dmp3join.zip I hope this might help you Kindest regards
  11. I, too had Nero Photoshow Delux 4 and I worked well with it, downloaded the themes as you did, then I changed my computer and this particular programme was no longer compatable with Vista, so I bought Roxio 2009, like you I was asked for a subscription which I did because I wished to use animation, let me warn you Jim, you can only play one music track on your photoshow with Premium, so I have paid twice for theme packs.......I can not use with varied music
  12. northernlass

    Adding Music Files

    Thanks for that Jim but it is the Premium subscription one I paid for that's causing me the problem, it has lots of animation features in it i.e falling snow ect, I paid the UK equivalant of $39 for it to gain the extra animation and theme packs, this is the programme that appears not to have a time-line therefore it only seems to allow one track of music to a full batch of photos which is very dissapointing
  13. northernlass

    Dvd Background Music

    whatever you do, don't be tempted by the Premium edition whic is often bundled with Creator 9, I am very dissapointed with it, the programme itself is full of exciting features and animations, but who wants to listen to the same music track throughout a photoshow? you can only use one track which is ridiculous!
  14. northernlass

    Adding Music Files

    I would appreciate any help, it does seem rather silly to have just on track for the whole photoshow doesn't it?
  15. northernlass

    Adding Music Files

    can someone help me please? How do I add music files to my photoshow, I purchased the programme online, there isn't a tutorial with it. When I tried adding my own track there wasn't a problem but adding another to continue! it just over rode the first one, I have 139 photos already in the photoshow, I don't want to hear the same track on a loop, do I have to do something to acheive a "music photoshow" I'm afraid Roxio aren't forthcoming with advice, please help