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  1. I am trying to figure out a problem I am having authoring BD's with Toast 10. I have a canon HD camera that generates .mts files which nicely get pulled into toast to author BDs, however, in some cases the software gives me file format unsupported errors. The files play correctly in the toast video player. Any suggestions? Is there a good way to "fix" these .mts files or is this a bug? -akj P.S. happy to provide an example, but the file is big.
  2. akj850

    Blu-ray On Dvd-r - Menus Don't Work

    Does the recent toast patch fix this problem?
  3. akj850

    Blu-ray On Dvd-r - Menus Don't Work

    Could it be partially media related, or menu style related? I've used verbatim DVD+DL with mixed success, Philips DVD+RW with mixed success, and memorex DVD-R with no success. I've also used the warp and satin menus. I would love to hear about a fix....or even a workaround!
  4. akj850

    Blu-ray On Dvd-r - Menus Don't Work

    I suppose I should have mentioned both discs I burned were on DVD+RW media.
  5. akj850

    Blu-ray On Dvd-r - Menus Don't Work

    My first Blu Ray encoded DVD menu worked, my second did not. I'm using a Sony BDP-550. The first menu was Warp (worked) the second was Satin (did not work). I also burned a regular DVD with the satin menu and it sort of worked, but the highlighting boxes were the wrong size and location to cover the "buttons." Also this DVD wouldn't play the chapters in order, it kept reverting back to earlier chapters, very strange behavior. Any ideas?
  6. akj850

    Merging Avchd Files Using Toast?

    Great, thanks a lot! I was able to burn a disc, but then I had a problem with the menu not working on my blu ray player. I have heard others mention this problem. Is there a way to correct this?
  7. akj850

    Merging Avchd Files Using Toast?

    I have successfully burned a blu ray format DVD using toast using AVCHD files from my Canon HF10 and played it on a Sony BDP-550. The picture looks great and I've very happy to have this capability (my wife is even happier!) So here is my question. The camera makes a new file everytime we pause playback. I would love to be able to merge all the files into a single video on the disc without having to do a bunch or re-encoding or possibly just have the first of many videos appear in the menu, so as to keep the number of videos in the menu as a reasonable number. Is there a way to do this in toast? Thanks so very much!
  8. akj850

    Toast Media Player Freezes

    I just got Toast 10 to burn my AVCHD footage from a new Canon Vixia HF10 camera to DVDs for playing in a blu ray player. The first couple of clips were recorded in standard quality and play fine in the Toast media player, but after that I used the highest quality, and these do not play properly. The first second or so plays and then the frame freezes and I just hear sound. I am using a Mac Pro running Leopard. I tried copying the file to the hard drive, and even from a burned blu ray format DVD and no dice. Any suggestions?