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    Creating Chapters

    I wish it was user error. this is what I get but when I do it all I get is Delete.
  2. Kaczmarn

    Creating Chapters

    Hi, I tried what you said but all it does is highlight the picture. I have Roxio 2009. This is what I did. I finished the video with the edits andf fading in and outs. I select Menu Style I select Adventure and it uses a picture from my video. I right click on the picture and all it does is highlight the picture. I right click on the words that would start the movie and it only shows delete I right click on the title and it only highlights that. I right click on the background and I only see Add A New Movie which all it does ins adds from raw footage instead of putting chapters on edited video. CHange Menue Back ground and the last thing it shows is Change Menu Style. I can't figure why they made this version either without the chapter feature or so complicated. Please let me know is you have any thing else. Thank you again, Nelson
  3. Kaczmarn

    Creating Chapters

    Hi Jim, To be a little clearer all I see is Add Movie. In 8 all I had to do was play the edited version and make my chapters. I am confused how 2009 works. Thanks for you hellp in advance, Nelson
  4. Kaczmarn

    Creating Chapters

    Thank you, I got to where you said to go to but do I need to make the clips a head of time? How do you make the sub menue then creat the chapters. This is not as easy as my 7 program. Nelson
  5. Kaczmarn

    Creating Chapters

    How do you creat chapters after editing a captured video?