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    CD Spin Doctor 5.0.4t broken again

    Sorry to have taken so long to reply to this, had not had the time. So. No. Still broken. I undid filevault, removed the kext and all related files in my Library, rebooted (old windows habit) and ran disk and permission repair to be safe. Installed manually from the package content and... no. I'm really quite tired of this application's continual flirting with faliure now but that does not stop me wanting to use it! I paid for it! Thanks for the suggestion, but this topic remains an open issue.
  2. nailerr

    CD Spin Doctor 5.0.4t broken again

    Possibly the last line will, as I had done all the previous out of habit. Worth a try, thanks.
  3. nailerr

    CD Spin Doctor 5.0.4t broken again

    Toast is 10.0.6, CDSD stopped working after that update with the installation of the (latest?) .kext as I had the driver installed with the previous version(s) anyway. the included version of CDSD is 5.0.4t (v47) and until now it seemed to have been working, though I am not sure what the last version was now. I am wondering if I can restore a version from Time Machine, but it was always shaky at best I had found... EDIT----- Well this is curious, if I get info on the actual package it is 6.1.2, but About inside the program reports 5.0.4t. What to believe? Either way it's broken!
  4. nailerr

    CD Spin Doctor 5.0.4t broken again

    Not much to be said, continually fails to record from the digital capture kext. I have run permission repairs, deleted all related files in Library, deleted, restarted and reinstalled the .kext from the System extensions. Nothing, wont work. Again. I hate to be rude on a developers forum but really this is becoming farcical, is there any reason to even open CDSD anymore? There appears to be a good chance that every other update has broken it. For the sake of being complete though it is a MacBook Pro 13" Unibody from late 2009, OS 10.6.3 and I'm sorry for being angry but CDSD has failed me more times than it has worked at this point.
  5. nailerr

    Toast 10, Video_ts > Ps3 Compression Incompatibility

    Without looking into the topic, if you got an mp4 from a VIDEO_TS (MPEG2) directory than you are indeed transcoding. PPC can transcode perfectly, it is very common task for a computer. I think the reason it is not being shown is the one I mentioned above, breaking a file size limit the PS3 is limited to. Although, a DVD should never end up being over 2GB in mpeg4, so just for the sake of it rename the .M4V to .MP4 as m4v is more or less an Apple pushed extension as I recall and the PS3 may just be ignoring it. Worth a try. Also sniff out Handbrake, it is a great video transcoder and may still run on PPC.
  6. nailerr

    Toast 11?

    Good to hear! Soooo.... You smart bods will be looking into updating for some GCD and OpenCL for super slick video encoding, right? Hmm? Please? Brill!
  7. nailerr

    CD Spin Doctor 6 no longer launches

    And now it all works again. I have done nothing aside try to launch it again! Apparently there was some odd number of attempts before it decided to behave again... Who can say.
  8. nailerr

    CD Spin Doctor 6 no longer launches

    I have somehow gone from using CDSD6 on a sporadic basis with little trouble to suddenly getting "Toast 10 Titanium or later Required" which is of course the package I have. Nothing I am aware of has changed in the meantime, least of all file or folder names. This happens when launching from Spotlight or the Extras menu of Toast 10. The same appears to be true of the other bundled applications. I've tried to delete all the library files I could find under Toast or Roxio but apparently this was not enough as upon re-running toast it still knew my registration details. I've run the permissions repair, this found nothing new to fix. All I can imagine has happened in the meantime is I turned off FileVault, and back on again which I do on a semi-regular basis anyway, to no effect before. Could someone please tell me perhaps how to delete EVERYTHING Toast 10 Titanium installs into the Library because clearly I missed something. That or how to fix this! Thanks for any help
  9. nailerr

    Blu-Ray Digital Copy

    If the file is not DRM protected, and a format Quicktime can read then you just need to use the Video tab and have it create a video DVD from the file.
  10. nailerr

    CD Spin Dr Not Recording stream

    You made sure to use the internal capture driver? Come to that, have you installed the driver? Probably yes, in which case make sure you have the latest Toast 10 update, it was a problem that has since been fixed.
  11. nailerr

    Copying Video TS folder

    I find this happens if I am dragging also an AUDIO_TS directory, and since only really old (or bad) DVD's use the separate audio folder now Toast does not accept it, but it will add one on the new disc anyway. You have another option however, select UDF as the burn format on the data disk tab, this will burn a Video DVD using the VIDEO_TS folder.
  12. nailerr

    Toast 10, Video_ts > Ps3 Compression Incompatibility

    Thank you for looking into this so quickly. The only suggestion I would make if you establish the limit (It takes too long for me to keep doing this between work on an iMac) is to hammer the file size limit into Toast! No point being a pre-set if it breaks the compatibility
  13. nailerr

    Toast 10, Video_ts > Ps3 Compression Incompatibility

    Well I just ran the same video through with the 4GB limit, but using the lower quality selection rather than Automatic or High (High and Automatic both put out the same file size so I am assuming Auto IS High in this case). I have now a 1.55GB file which works on the PS3, but at a lower quality than I would like, obviously.
  14. nailerr

    Toast 10, Video_ts > Ps3 Compression Incompatibility

    I'd been using the Automatic and High settings, both resulted in the same file size, but the quality settings really should not be an issue in this correct? So far the only difference seems to be the output size and quality.
  15. nailerr

    Toast 10, Video_ts > Ps3 Compression Incompatibility

    Mac and PC, now I think about it I do have a FAT32 format portable disk big enough to move the file, which I shall try to remember to do after work tomorrow. I have since tried two more times (with a DVD), neither of which work from optical or copied to internal HDD on the PS3. You say it worked for you, what input was used, what pre-set and what was the size of the output, with what extension?