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    Spin Doctor?

    I can even understand that to a certain degree, but why can't they offer a download for 11 buyers of the previous version? Like when everyone hated the new Quicktime so they made provisions to allow people to still use 7.
  2. j_ryall

    Spin Doctor?

    I just got Toast 11 and SD after having 8 (lost in a hard drive crash) and I was wondering if I'm missing something or not. I transfer Lps and cassettes to CD. I used to be able to hit command [ or ] and have the tracks sync up to the previous or subsequent track. Not anymore? I love that feature. I used to be able to grab an end of a track and drag it to where I wanted it beyond what's currently visible in the wave form. Not anymore? No dragging? I have to find the time and edit the info to move it? I use a zoomed in view for accuracy. No more "play track" option? I have to put the cursor at the beginning of the track each time? (p.s. the arrows with the lines next to the play button didn't do anything) And when it gets to the end of the track it just keeps playing past it? Why don't we have that option anymore? Sometimes space bar engages play and pause, sometimes it doesn't? That's an industry standard, how can they not get that right? The user guide on this site is for the previous version that I miss so I can't find out if I'm just missing something or if all the best features that drew me to buy 11 are actually gone. Is there any way I can get it back without having to buy another copy? I just bought and registered 11, so why can't I choose which version of SD I use? Also it records in AIFF, can I change that to WAV so I don't have to convert it upon export? Ho hum....
  3. j_ryall

    Pal To Ntsc Conversion

    I have a few Video_TS files that are in the PAL format, but I'd love to convert them to NTSC to be able to share them with family members who only have NTSC dvd players. Is there an easy way to do this in Toast 10? I really just want to re-encode them to NTSC staying with the Video_TS file format without having to convert to anything else. Thanks in Advance!
  4. j_ryall

    Can't Play Dvd In My Dvd Player

    Also make sure what format your DVD player can read. If it's NTSC it can't play PAL and visa versa. Most computers now can play both, but many stand alone DVD players are still one or the other, I don't know what you have though.