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    Runtime Error On Startup

    I went in to msconfig and instead of "START UP" I went into "SERVICES" and found several Roxio options there. I unchecked them and so far it seems to be working. Is there a patch or something to correct this? Or was this an error attached to a Microsoft update?
  2. StarryDreamer

    Runtime Error On Startup

    The tick box does remain unselected... but the runtime error shows up nonetheless. Oddly enough it doesn't happen consistently. For example, it didn't happen when I booted up yesterday, but then happened this morning when I booted it up.
  3. StarryDreamer

    Runtime Error On Startup

    Yes, I've already done all this previously. But it still appears upon start up (the Runtime error that is)
  4. StarryDreamer

    Runtime Error On Startup

    I am getting upon start up "Runtime Error" followed by the pathname ending with "Roxwatch9.exe" When I click okay, another box comes up with another Runtime Error reading "R6025 pure virtual function call" I'd gotten this before and did a google search and found that I just had to msconfig, start up and uncheck the Roxio files. I did this and it disappeared for a couple of days. Just recently it has returned. I checked msconfig again and the box is still unchecked. I am using Roxio Media Creator 9, Windows XP. What can I do to stop this from happening?