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    Mac2tivo Quits Unexpectedly

    I have iMovie project files, iDVD files (.dvdproj), disk images for some projects (.img) and many .mov files of the projects. TiVo Series 2 SD. The path I found the MediaData file under is ~/Library/Application Support/Mac2Tivo/MediaData. I moved it to the trash and the directories have been cleared. Thanks! I didn't even have to re-enter the Media AccessKey. Also, I realized after I wrote the post I never moved the contents of my iMovie folder, so that could work for others who don't want to create a long list. After all that I've now re-added a test folder with a short .mov file and started the Mac2TiVo server. My iMac shows up on my TiVo, but not the contents of the folder. I've quit all other apps and rebooted and it's the same deal. iMac shows up in TiVo, but there is no content. I've changed files, created new directories and used old ones. I've stopped the server and the Mac stops being present in TiVo. Started and it's back, but without any content.
  2. Mac2Tivo is continually crashing on my iMac Intel C2D 2.8GHz running Leopard 10.5.6 with the error message of "The application Mac2TiVo quit unexpectedly." displayed after crashing. I believe it's hanging up on a directory of iMovie files, but I can't tell it to stop indexing the directory. 1) Ends in Failure The product works, just not well, so far. I got it running while Mac2Tivo was indexing my movie directories. Popped on the TV and Tivo (Series 2) and my iMac was there. Cool. I played a five second video clip and it would only play three seconds of it every time. The clip is playable in QT. Fail. 2) Initial Troubleshooting and Hypothesis So I start troubleshooting and see that it didn't index a folder with some iMovie (HD if it matters) files in it. OK, the app is choking on the iMovie files, so I'll remove it. But I can't. The remove button is grayed out. 3) I'm a quitter Quit EyeTV and other apps. Still unexpectedly quits. Reboot Mac. Unexpectedly quits. 4) rm -rf I'm a Mac guy, so I tell myself if I can delete the .plist holding the location of my iMovie folder I can wipe it from Mac2Tivo's memory. I locate ~/Library/Preferences/com.roxio.Mac2Tivo.plist and kill it. Relaunch Mac2Tivo. Shared directories are still there. Same thing as above, unexpected quits after about 15 seconds. 5) Relaunch and repeat I keep trying relaunches after re-deleting the .plist (#3) and a new error message comes up. It's going to allow me to Reset and relaunch. Shared directories are still there. Same unexpected quit after clicking the button and giving mac2Tivo 15 seconds to commit suicide. 6) Kill 'em all OK, Mac2Tivo ties into Toast somehow (ala the nice error message you see after launching Mac2Tivo before launching Toast 10). I'll delete Toast's plists. Find /Library/Preferences/com.roxio.Toast.plist and /Library/Preferences/Roxio Toast Prefs ( I think this is leftover from Toast 7) and trash them. Relaunch Toast. Go through setup again. Re-register with TiVo using Media Access Key. Shared directories are still there. More unexpected quits. 7) Kill 'em all w/ Time Machine I delete the app. Maybe it's something in the Applications' package. Reinstall Mac2Tivo with Time machine to the time before I configured it. Guess what happens. Shared directories are still there. Unexpected quit. 8) RTFineB Frustrated, I head online in search of others who have my problem but solved it. Works every time. I read through the Toast 10 board and there are issues. But I don't have a divided network (all cat 5e running at 100 or 1000Mbps) and the files that I'm trying to play are all playable in QT. There do seem to be a bit of anger over this App though... Anyone in the same boat? Anyone have answers? Why does the Error message call the app Mac2TiVo and the app's name as installed is Mac2Tivo? What's the boxed (bought at MacWorld) return policy? I'd love a fix; Mac2Tivo and the TiVo to Go app are why I bought Toast 10.