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  1. Hi, I had Roxio Creator 2012 Pro installed on my Windows 7 desktop. I just purchased Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3 and tried to install it. During the install it said that it would have to uninstall the previous version before it could install the new version. I agreed. After uninstall, during new install I got an "error code: 064C". Researching it on the web, it sounds like the uninstall did not uninstall all components, so now I can't install the new version. Any suggestions? How can I get rid of all of the old remnants of the previous version? I am assuming I will have to go into regedit to do so, but I don't have that much experience doing so, so please be very specific if this is the advice you are going to give me. Otherwise, how can I get rid of all of the old to be able to install the new? Thanks