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    Interface Error:-32030 The Connection Is Not Stable

    Roxio finally suggested trashing preferences which, so far, has cured the problem. Here's the crux of their instructions. Thanks for the help. roxio said: Please follow the Folder Paths below. Once in the Specified folder, please move the following files to the Trash Can. Once all files are move to the Trash, please follow the instrcutions below. Folder Paths: Macintosh HD/Library/Prefrences/ Macintosh HD/Users/(your user name)/Library/Prefrences/ Trash these below files from both folders above(if found in both): com.BelightSoft.DiscCover2.plist com.BelightSoft.GetBackup2.plist com.boinx.fotomagico.plist com.elgato.VideoPlayer.plist com.lightcrafts.app com.lightcrafts.jai.plist com.lightcrafts.metadata2.plist com.lightcrafts.templates.plist com.lightcrafts.ui.plist com.lightcrafts.utils.plist com.lqgraphics.motionpictures.plist com.CDSpinDoctor6.plist com.roxio.Deepseasoftware.CDSpindoctor.plist com.roxio.Popcorn.plist com.roxio.Streamer.plist com.roxio.Toast.plist com.tivo.desktop.plist Popcorn Preferences Roxio Toast Prefs And any other com.Roxio.* files found. If you do not see the files in one folder, please check the other. Now you will need to Secure Empty your Trash. Close all windows and return to your desktop, click Finder(menubar)> Secure Empty Trash and restart the computer.
  2. Stacy Phillips

    Interface Error:-32030 The Connection Is Not Stable

    I downloaded Burn software and was able to burn 2 different cd's. So it is apparently, not a hardware issue. And Roxio tech support acknowledges that there have been other reports of this problem.
  3. The following is an exchange I just had with Roxio tech support. I have a new iMac with 10.5.6 installed so I can't revert to an earlier version. Any suggestions? Thanks. Me: I just installed an version 10 upgrade from version 8. I copied a CD onto Titanium 10 and then inserted a blank CD to make a copy and got the following: "Interface Error:-32030 The connection is not stable". What happened? What should I do? tech support: Have you installed Mac OS X updates? It is being reported that issues similar to yours are happening to users in similar conditions using Mac OS X 10.5.6 Please remove last updates or use the Time Machine to revert to a period prior to the latest Mac updates Me: I have a 2 week old iMac with OS 10.5.6 installed. So there has been no update from a previous OS. Now what? This happened with my Toast Titanium 8 and I was told to upgrade. Are you working on a fix? tech support: Please contact apple as this is a hardware related issue.
  4. Stacy Phillips

    Toast Titanium 7 On Os 10.5.6

    I copied a cd on toast titanium 7 then dropped in a blank to make a copy. To my horror a grey-ish "curtain" descended across the monitor, dimming the screen. After a few seconds a dialog box in several languages came up "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the power button or press restart." I pressed the power button which shut it down. Started it in about 10 minutes and things SEEM fine. What happened? This was a new and scary thing for me. Please help. I'm never opening toast 7 again. Stacy Phillips