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  1. i'v already tried msconfig. that didn't help. i tried add/remove programs uninstalling d2d wasn't an option. i don't have a retail version. i downloaded it. have you got anymore ideas?
  2. can someone please tell me how to remove drag to disc from my computer and still have the rest of emc 8. here is my problem. when i place any disc usually an audio cd into the drive. nothing happens. then i go to my computer to see if shows up. it does not. then "my computer" stops responding. then i get a black screen. then i have to turn computer off manually. please help if anyone has any idea of anything that might help. i uninstalled emc 8 and everything was fine so i know it has something to do with the program. i suspect its drag to disc.
  3. jbblount

    CD key

    i just ordered it today. do you think it will work tomorrow? i looked at my order imformation and it says it still in process. do you think i should download it again or just wait to talk to them tomorrow
  4. jbblount

    CD key

    im having the same problem. did you have any luck with customer service?